Sonia Ariz

Spanish photographer and high performance athlete in judo. Started doing Crossfit three years ago. Lover of sports, music and vegan food.


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The Berlin Throwdown 2015

The box at Crossfit Icke, Berlin, was packed full with shouting faces and a powerful atmosphere. The WODs themselves were intensely varied, incorporating 8 metre shuttle runs alongside 1RM lifts and brutal, testing routines.

Training to become CrossFit’s Fittest: Katrín Tanja Davídsdóttir and Chris Hinshaw

CrossFit Games champion Katrín Tanja Davídsdóttir and her endurance coach Chris Hinshaw talk about the training to become the Fittest on Earth.

How To Form Crossfit Recovery Positions

High-intensity workouts like Crossfit MetCons most often leave athletes down on the floor, breathless, forming a so called recovery position.
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