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BIGGER ARMS – Best 7 Cable Triceps Exercises for Muscle Mass

Blow up your arm size.

You don’t need to stick to dumbbells and barbell to grow your arm size. Check out the best 7 cable triceps exercises for muscle mass.

If a cable machine is all you got, you’ve got more than enough to work your entire body. Recently we’ve shown you 7 amazing cable exercises to make your biceps grow, now it’s time to hit the back of your arms.

If you want bigger arms, the triceps is what you should mainly focus on. There are plenty of exercises you can do to target your triceps, but most people don’t think about the cable machine. That is, John Meadows is not like most people.

John Meadows“The Mountain Dog”, was a professional bodybuilder, trainer and nutritionist who died in 2021. He is famous for sharing gym tips, and workouts and showing how he trained to achieve his goals.

Meadows shared a video talking about the best 7 cable triceps exercises for muscle mass. Check it out!

Best 7 Cable Triceps Exercises for Muscle Mass

1. Dual Handle Pushdowns

Use handles that are a bit spongy so you can squeeze it out. Tuck your elbows in when you are pushing down your arms in a straight motion. Get a full stretch on the top of the movement.

2. Single-Arm Tricep Pushdown Pronated

There are many different ways and angles to do this exercise. Meadows like to cross the arm in front of the body to feel the flex and the pump in the lateral head of the tricep.

3. Bent-Over Tricep Extension

Although you usually would do this exercise with a rope, you can also use that same spongy handle from the previous exercise. Bend over a bit, and make your arms comfortable in a position. You don’t need to lock your elbows as giving them a bit more stretch can help you with hypertrophy.

4. Rope Pushdown

Also known as rope pushdown, you will need two sets of ropes on the cable machine for this exercise.

By using two ropes, it gives you more range of motion, turning into more activation and stress on the long head and inside of your triceps.

5. Standing Rope Extension

This is similar to the bent-over tricep extension, although this time you won’t be leaning forward, but rather bringing the arms up and stretching your triceps the most at the bottom of the movement.

6. Cable Extension Variation

This is a cable extension with a variation on the angle people would normally do. Instead of crossing the arms in front of your body, you want to keep your arms above your head and straighten them out.

This is one of Meadows’ favourite tricep exercises because it is easy on the joints and will get your triceps on fire.

7. Single-Arm Reverse Extension

Similar to exercise number 2 in our list of best 7 cable triceps exercises for muscle mass, this is with a supinated grip, meaning the palms will face up, towards the ceiling.

And that is Meadows’ list of best 7 cable triceps exercises for muscle mass. If you want to see exactly how to perform each exercise and get more info on each of them, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Best 7 Cable Triceps Exercises for Muscle Mass

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