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Best Curl Variation for Huge Biceps You Are (Probably) Not Doing

Improve your bicep size and strength with one movement.

What is the best curl variation for huge biceps? This one we are pretty sure haven’t done in a while, if ever.

Training the biceps requires dedication if you want to see them grow. Such a tiny muscle needs properly targeted exercises to get the right stimulus. Traditional bicep curls can help you to a certain point, but you want to add variety every once in a while.

Sal di Stefano is a host on the Mind Pump Podcast, an online radio show that talks all fitness related and, usually, is provocative. However, the best curl variation for huge biceps you are about to see was featured in the Mind Pump Tv with Di Stefano showing his go-to movements.

Best Curl Variation for Huge BicepsSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
Build huge biceps.

Best Curl Variation for Huge Biceps

The best curl variation for huge biceps is an old-school movement. According to Sal, sadly, many people don’t do this exercise any longer.

“This particular exercise trains the bicep through a real full range of motion because the bicep doesn’t just curl the arm, it also supinates the wrist.”

So what is the best curl variation for huge biceps in Sal’s opinion? It is the Zottman curl.

Man picking up dumbbells

This exercise combines a conventional curl and a reverse curl in order to maximise effectiveness throughout the movement. It is a one-for-two exercise. You curl up with palms facing up and lower the dumbbells with palms facing down.

If you want to check the Zottman curl benefits, click here.

“I love doing this exercise at the end of a workout to really get extra blood into the biceps.”

And that is the best curl variation for huge biceps in Sal di Stefano’s opinion. If you want to see the movement in action, click on the video below.

VIDEO – Best Curl Variation for Huge Biceps

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