BREAKING: Team MoveFastLiftHeavy Disqualified from the CrossFit Games

Katie Christian, a team member of MoveFastLifHeavy, tested positive for an illegal substance.

Team MoveFastLiftHeavy is no longer going to the CrossFit Games despite finishing 2nd in the Granite Games Semifinal event. Katie Christian, one of its team members, tested positive for an illegal substance.

UPDATE: CrossFit announced a 4 year-ban on for Katie Christian starting on June 6. The athlete will not be appealing the case.

MoveFastLiftHeavy captain’s Christian Harris broke the news on Instagram earlier today. “On Saturday, July 10th, I was informed via email that one of my team members tested positive for an illegal substance,” he wrote. “Therefore our team, MoveFastLiftHeavy Crew will not be competing at the 2021 NoBull CrossFit Games.”

With the disqualification of MoveFastLifHeavy Crew, the 7th place got an invitation for the CrossFit Games: Timberwolf CrossFit.

This is the second team in the Granite Games that has been disqualified due to a breach of the drug policy. Earlier this week, Ocean State’s Finest Team also had its CrossFit Games invitation revoked.

Although Christian Harris did not specify who the team member was, Katie Christian came forward with the information.

“Movefastliftheavy Crew will be disqualified from the 2021 CrossFit Games due to a failed drug test from a team member who happens to be myself,” Katie Christian wrote.

According to her, after some investigation, it was DHEA that was flagged from the current list of supplements she takes.

Read Katie Christian’s explanation of what happened below.

This is the start of the hardest post I will ever have to make. For those who love and support me, and follow my journey I feel its necessary to put out my story and share this unfortunate shattering news: Movefastliftheavy Crew will be disqualified from the 2021 CrossFit Games due to a failed drug test from a team member who happens to be myself. 

When we first got this news, my whole body went numb and the world was spinning. I couldn’t help but to think right away that this MUST be a mistake. For those of you who know me, I am fair, loyal, and extremely dedicated to the work I put in. I am very good to my body, I take care of myself and I am always looking to be the best I can be. My passions in nutrition and homeopathic medicine have lead me into taking various vitamins, supplements and herbs that I feel help me stay healthy, strong and steer me away from any prescribed medications. One of these supplements was DHEA. After a few days of investigating the possible errors that could have occurred, it was brought to my attention that DHEA was flagged from my current list of supplements. DHEA is a hormone that your body naturally produces in the adrenal gland. Amongst many things, DHEA is a mood and stress stabilizer and is one of the few things I started supplementing to help with my skin and hormone imbalances after getting off of hormonal birth control that I was on for about 10+ years. You get this supplement over the counter at the vitamin store and it usually sits right next to vitamin-D. This was something that would never strike me as being a banned substance, for my idea of a banned substance goes to a totally different realm of things. This post is not about me trying to justify that I am in the right, because I am far from it. As an athlete who was heading to the Crossfit Games, it was absolutely MY responsibility to do my homework on the substances that are banned vs the supplements I was taking and that is on me and nobody else. If anything, I hope that this can be a learning point for many athletes. Just because you can buy something at your local store doesn’t mean it is not on a list that doesn’t allow you to take it. Do your research & know what you’re taking.

It is extremely devastating and at this time very hard to accept the consequences that come from this unintentional doing. It is unfortunate my team will now have to suffer this hit with me and I cant express the pain and guilt I feel for being the cause of this. In addition to being pulled from the games this year, I personally, will be banned from the sport of CrossFit for 4 years. Those who know the real me, can probably understand what this news means to me. The only thing I can come up with at this time is I am completely broken.

I will be forever grateful for this year. For the experiences I’ve had and the people I have met forever changed me. I love my team with every part of me and thank you all for standing by me.

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