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Fikowski Out, Fraser Knocked Off the Top Spot – CrossFit Games Day 2 Recap


Source: Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

For time

  • 172 ft sled push
  • Bar muscle ups (15 for Women, 18 for Men)
  • 172 ft sled push

Time cap: 6 minutes


According to Pat Sherwood “It couldn’t be simpler”. Event 4 was A test of sprinting speed, power and sheer mental grit.

Matt Mcleod won his heat and went on to take the overall victory as nobody in the second heat could beat his time.

Dan Bailey “this may be one of the toughest events at the games, mentally, because of the cut”

1 or 2 seconds made a huge difference in placement with this event.

  1. Matt McLeod
  2. Noah Ohlsen
  3. Will Moorad
  4. Samuel Kwant
  5. Connor Duddy

In the female division, Jaime Greene went out fast along with Amanda Banhart, who completed the first sled push in 20 seconds. Amanda Banhart absolutely destroyed the second push to take the victory. She only has a four second differential between here first and second 172 ft sled push.

Jaime Greene has an 18 second differential between her first and second sled push.

  1. Amanda Banhart
  2. Colleen Fotsch
  3. Meg Reardon
  4. Jaime Greene
  5. Danielle Brandon

During the action, Sean Woodland perfectly coined the expression “post sled flop” to describe what happened to the athletes as they crossed, exhausted to the point of collapse, over the finish line.

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