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CrossFit Invictus Tips for Workout 21.3 & 21.4 (Beginner and Intermediate Athletes)

CrossFit Invictus has shared a few tips for beginner and intermediate athletes to nail workout 21.3 and 21.4 in the last week of CrossFit Open.

CrossFit Open Workout 21.3


For Time:

  • 15 Front Squat
  • 30 Toes to Bar
  • 15 Thrusters

1 minute rest

  • 15 Front Squat
  • 30 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
  • 15 Thrusters

1 minute rest

  • 15 Front Squat
  • 30 Bar Muscle Ups
  • 15 Thrusters

15 minute time cap

Men: 95lb // Women: 65lb

CrossFit Open Workout 21.4

21.4 begins immediately upon completing or reaching the time cap for 21.3

For heaviest load complete the complex of:

  • 1 Deadlift
  • 1 Clean
  • 1 Hang Clean
  • 1 Jerk

7 minute time cap

The tips were designed by Justin Wright and Bern K. Prince, two CrossFit Open athletes who started competing back in 2012.

“We have a lifting component, some gymnastics, we got a lot of squats to blow up the legs, and a light barbell,” reminded Justin Wright.

“This is vicious,” complemented Bern, “a great test of fitness.”

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Tips for Beginner and Intermediate Athletes

If you are comfortable with the weights used for squats and thrusters, try to hold on to the barbell. “You lost a lot of time dropping the bar, resetting, picking it up. Feel free to break up the gymnastics as long as you’re not taking long rests,” says Justin.

 “Make sure you don’t blow your grip [while doing front squats], keep an open palm. Toes to bar, break them up how you see fit,” complements Bern.

Check out more tips for beginner and intermediate athletes from Crossfit Invictus:

  • Break up the gymnastics into smaller sets.
  • If you are finishing up the thrusters, it might be worth struggling through to finish, because you have one minute rest to recover.
  • Make use of that minute of rest; chill, hang out, breathe, and bring your heart rate down before the next set.
  • For 21.4: make sure you got a conservative weight to get your score on the board, see how it feels and add up weight based on that.

You can see the full video and extra tips for beginner and intermediate athletes below.

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