Drugs in CrossFit® Part 2 – An Innocent Athlete’s Story

This article is intended to present an unbiased viewpoint. BOXROX does not condone the use of drugs.   Most people first heard of Kelli Holm when CrossFit® announced the failed drug tests from the 2018 CrossFit Games®. Before that fateful day on November 8, 2018, Kelli had just been another Games athlete, someone without a big following, an athlete not many people knew about. That day however, Kelli Holm became known as a cheater. Her name stood out at the top of CrossFit’s list of athletes in breach of the company’s Drug Policy. The fourth Fittest Woman in the 35-39 Masters division was found to have metabolites of GW1516 in her system. The news hit headlines across all CrossFit media outlets. When she responded to the announcement, she said what many athletes have when their drug test results come back positive. Namely, Kelli claimed innocence. Like many before her, Kelli blamed a contaminated supplement for the result of her test.

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