Forging Elite Fitness After 40: The Daily Fix for the Aging Master Athletes

Of course you were left with the option to play pick-up basketball on the weekends or prepare yourself for a marathon, but your options to taste victory were certainly limited. The sport of CrossFit has evolved to allow the athlete with advanced age the thrill of competition once again. Now, those athletes that once just went to the gym to get a workout in, are heading to their box with a purpose. With the advent of the Master Level CrossFit athlete, the thrill of competition can seemingly burn a lifetime.

Unless an injury occurs.

I only see athletes who want to keep moving. Some have aspirations to excel and give themselves an opportunity at the Games while others want to just chase around their two year old without wondering if they are going to be able to stand back up after they bend from the hips. Each one of them comes to see me because they are hurting and can’t understand why. I have found a link between the injury history of the athlete and functional anatomy.

3 Most Common Sites for Chronic Pain in Master Level CrossFit Athletes

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