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Fun and Challenging Home Bodyweight Workout for Strong Ladies

Enhance your mobility, strength, muscular endurance and general health with this challenging workout.

This home bodyweight workout is designed to work the entire body, especially strengthening and improving the core, legs, glutes, back and upper body. Whether you have equipment or not, it can be adapted to suit whatever you have to hand.


With this bodyweight workout stick to the following rules:

  • Complete 4 sets of 12 repetitions for each exercise
  • Rest for 5 seconds between each set of 12
  • Rest for 30 seconds when you change from one exercise to the next
  • With some exercises you will have to hold the rep at the end for a certain amount of time or complete more reps. This will always be noted next to that particular article.

The workout begins with a warm up, then the workout and everything is concluded with stretching and breathing exercises. Push yourself and have fun!



If you live near a set of stairs (in a park for example) or in an apartment block, then set the clock and do eight minutes of stair runs. Don’t stop at all during this time period.

If you don’t then use an exercise bike (if you have one). Give yourself a challenging setting (intervals or mountain climbers are good choices) and push hard throughout the full eight minutes. Look to burn around 100 calories. If you don’t then extend the time on the bike until you have completed the required calories.

If you have neither stairs or a bike then perform eight minutes of burpees at a steady pace.

home bodyweight workout


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

With the sit ups, reach up with your hands whilst keeping your core braced and strong. Reach forwards until your fingertips proceed past the top of your knees. Hold for a second then descend. Keep the movement fluid and controlled to avoid spraining your neck.

home bodyweight workout


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Exercise technique

  1. Firstly perform a air squat to full depth (or as low as your mobility will allow).
  2. As you rise, lift your left leg off the ground and tap the heel of your shoe with your right hand (as seen in the photo below)
  3. Return both feet to the floor, descend into a full air squat once again then rise and repeat with your right heel raised and tap it with your left hand
  4. That’s one rep

Try to establish a rhythm and complete the sets unbroken.


  • 4 sets of 15
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Keeping your legs straight at all times, lift them up to a 45 degree angle before lowering them back down to a point 8 cm above the floor. Never let your heels touch the ground. This is a great lower abs exercise.

leg raises bodyweight workout


  • 4 sets of 12
  • Pause for 12 seconds in the fully extended position at the end of each set
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Use a band for this exercise. Maintain a tight core and squeeze your glutes to make sure they fire properly. Complete 12 reps plus the 12 second hold for a single leg before moving onto the other. Two sets each leg equals four in total. This is a highly effective exercise for mobilising the glutes.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

With the dumbbell strict press, keep your core and grip strong and braced. Bring the dumbbells down to touch your shoulder before lifting them upwards again. Make sure not to push with your legs. If you don’t have dumbbells to hand then try using waterbottles (filled with water) or any other objects that are heavy enough for you. the last few reps in each set should be difficult to complete. Go slow and maximise time under tension.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Here I’m using a 5kg plate but use whatever you have to hand, and feel comfortable with. Lower your legs all the way down, as low as you can, without touching the floor, for each rep. This is another highly useful lower abs and core strengthening exercise.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

These are air squats on a Bosu ball in order to keep the movement destabilised and make the entire range of motion harder. This forces your body (core especially) to overcompensate and coordinate the movement. If you don’t have a Bosu ball, do lunges instead. With the lunges, make sure your knees touch the floor every time.

home bodyweight workout


  • 4 sets of 24
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Here I have flipped the Bosu ball over and I am performing flutter kicks. Keep your legs straight and alternate as your legs cross one another. Lean back until you find the point that feels most difficult for you to hold. This will yield the best results and test and improve your core in the best way.

If you don’t have a Bosu ball, these can also be performed on the ground.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • Pause for 12 seconds in the fully extended position at the end of each set
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Grip a ball (or similar object) by bending your leg. Raise this leg backwards as high as you can in a controlled manner. Brace your core and glutes throughout the full range of motion. You may hold onto a surface or piece of furniture in order to help you maintain balance.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • Pause for 12 seconds in the fully extended position at the end of each set
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

This movement is similar to Exercise 9 however in a bent over position. Once again brace your core and glutes as you lift your leg (the one that grips the weight) as high as your flexibility will allow. Make sure to pause at the top and hold for 12 seconds at the end of each set.


  • 4 sets of 12
  • Pause for 12 seconds whilst holding your chest as close as possible to the floor at the end of each set
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Standard press ups. Keep your elbows close to your body. Inhale and brace your core.

home bodyweight workout


  • 4 sets of 12 (rotating both ways counts as a single rep)
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

The standing Russian twist is a great way to target specific parts of your core and abs, especially the external and internal obliques. The further you hold the weight away from your body, the harder the exercise will be. Here I chose to use a 5kg plate.


  1. the legs are slightly bent and hip width opened
  2. the back is straight and the head the extension of the spine
  3. brace the abs and turn to one side as much as you can
  4. invert the movement and rotate to the other side


  • 4 sets of 12
  • 5 seconds rest between each set

Hold the band with your hands shoulder width apart. Extand your arms fully in front of you. Activate your lats and shoulders then pull your hands apart whilst gripping the band as tight as you can. Return to starting position. That’s one rep.

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Congratulations, you completed the bodyweight workout!


Once you have completed all of the above, spend 10 minutes stretching to cool down.


A great way to finish and to relax the mind is to take two minutes and perform single nostril breathing. Here is how to do it:

  1. Place your right finger over your right nostril
  2. Inhale through your left nostril for four seconds
  3. Hold the breath whilst alternating your hands and place your left hand over your left nostril
  4. Now exhale for four seconds through your right nostril
  5. Repeat for two minutes

Now relax!

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