How To Build 3D Abs – 7 Exercises You’re Probably Not Doing

Improve your midline with these incredible exercises.

Discover how to build 3D abs by doing these 7 exercises that you are very likely not doing right now.

Before we get to the 7 exercises that you should be doing, it is important to understand that abs will only show if you have a relatively low body fat percentage. That can vary from person to person, but usually, for men it is below 13% and for women below 18%.

How to Lose Fat the Right Way (Men vs Women)

In this episode of how to build 3D abs, coach Zach Zenios goes through a series of exercises to accomplish that. Zenios is a marine veteran, NASM certified and fitness coach. He shared his workout via  Critical Bench, a website focused on health and strength with a YouTube channel with more than 1 million subscribers.

How To Build 3D Abs

According to Zenios, a lot of the time when people do their core workout, they don’t get the rep scheme and the intensity right.

He says that doing supersets of core exercise, or having 20-30 reps turns an ab exercise into a cardio routine which can build endurance, but not strength, hypertrophy and the look that most people want.

how to build 3D abs

So check out Zenios’ answer to how to build 3D abs. You will be mostly doing reps in the 4-12 range and with added resistance. Here is the list:

  1. Standing Vacuum / Tabletop Vacuum
  2. Elevated Oblique Crunch / Hold
  3. Cable Chop
  4. Plank Crunch
  5. Rope Crunch
  6. Weighted Ball Crunch
  7. Plank On Two Balls

And those are the exercises you are probably not doing at the moment and the answer to how to build 3D abs. If you are unsure about how to do any or all of these movements, click on the video below from Zenios.

VIDEO – How To Build 3D Abs

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