12 Best Kettlebell Chest Exercises With NO BENCH

Use your kettlebells to build a good-looking chest.

Check out the 12 best kettlebell chest exercises with no bench.

Building muscle on your chest usually means to lay on the bench and begin doing bench presses. But what if you don’t have access to a bench, or a barbell, but rather just a couple of kettlebells? You can still get a good workout with this minimal equipment.

Kettlebells are incredibly versatile and can help you achieve your fitness goals no matter what they are, and that certainly includes the upper body.

best kettlebell chest exercises with no benchSource: Binyamin Mellish on Pexels

If you are looking for the best kettlebell chest exercises with no bench, you have landed in the right place. In a video posted by SET for SET you can find what you should be doing with kettlebells to improve your chest strength.

Best Kettlebell Chest Exercises With No Bench

The 12 best kettlebell chest exercises with no bench according to SET for SET are:

  1. Floor Press
  2. Seesaw Floor Press
  3. Decline Floor Press
  4. Floor Fly
  5. Decline Floor Fly
  6. Crush Grip Floor Press
  7. Pullover
  8. Kettlebell Push-Up
  9. Offset Push Up
  10. Crush Grip Push-Up
  11. Incline Press Out
  12. Upright Front Raise

If you are unsure about one or more exercises in this list, click on the video below.

VIDEO Best Kettlebell Chest Exercises With No Bench

Timestamp of the video:

Floor Press (0:11)

Seesaw Floor Press (0:32)

Decline Floor Press (0:51)

Floor Fly (1:16)

Decline Floor Fly (1:40)

Crush Grip Floor Press (2:02)

Pullover (2:19)

Kettlebell Push-Up (2:40)

Offset Push Up (2:59)

Crush Grip Push Up (3:15)

Incline Press Out (3:26)

Upright Front Raise (3:37)

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