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How To Build Bigger Rear Delts

Don’t limit the capacity of your rear delts.

Rear delt flies are great, but there are better ways to build bigger Rear Delts.

What are the rear delts?

The Posterior Deltoids (Rear Delts) are part of the back side of your shoulder. They help to extend the shoulder, maintain proper posture, and stabilise the shoulder.

How to build bigger Rear Delts

Jeff Cavaliere, Pro Athlete and Physical Therapist, breaks down how to build bigger Rear Delts below.

The rear delt has a high capacity to handle big loads, don’t limit it!

What exercise is better for rear delts?

  • The seated row

The cable row was specifically created to increase upper body strength and build your back muscles. While muscles like the erector spinea, the rhomboids, and the lower trapezius are targeted, the latissimus dorsi gets an incredible workout with the cable row too.

To target your rear dealts with this exercise, you’ll only have to choose the right handle.

A long bar attachment, where you’re able to use a wide grip, will get your elbows out high.

This way, the rear delt takes over the lats and does as much work as possible.

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