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WATCH: How to Lose Weight With CrossFit

Many people head to the CrossFit gym for the first time with the intention of getting in shape and slimming down.

CrossFit’s functionality, cross training and give-it-your-all approach will help you do both both of those things, but if weight loss is your main goal, CrossFit alone might not be the answer to all your questions.

How to Lose Weight With CrossFit

WODPrep‘s Ben Dziwulski and Andy from Ripped Body discuss all things nutrition to help you on your weight loss journey. Here are some of the main takeaways.

Can CrossFit Help You Lose Weight?

The answer is yes! When you first start a CrossFit training program you will notice your body change, and that includes some weight loss. However after a period of time you will notice your progress begin to plateau; and this is because you haven’t taken your nutrition and diet into consideration alongside your workouts.

effective bodyweight workouts include handstand push upsSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.
A good diet will help you build strength.

Nutrition and CrossFit

The number one aspect of successful weight loss is nutrition. If losing weight is your goal, you should be thinking about what you’re eating. As Ben explains;

“You could be doing 20-minutes of Burpees to burn, roughly, 300 calories. You and I both know that is freaking miserable. That sounds miserable. Or simply reduce your 2-scroop ice cream routine, to 1-scoop. Which one sounds easier?”

Essentially what this refers to is the rule of calories in, and calories out. If you have an energy deficit and are eating fewer calories then you’ll lose weight.

This all sounds simple, but there are factors to keep in mind such as genetics and environmental factors; the latter may change as your habits change once you start your CrossFit programming.

nutritional principles fruit veg wooden table importance of recovery eating clean
Fruits and vegetables are essential for a healthy diet

3 Ways to Lose Weight with CrossFit

1. Clean up your diet

While it’s good to keep an eye on your macros, most of us do have a lot of unnecessary snacking and habits we could improve upon. If you’re serious about weight loss and that is your goal, then it’s a good idea to sit down and really consider what you’re fueling your body with every day, and whether it’s a necessity or not.

2. Increase healthy food intake

You should also increase your water intake, vegetable intake and fruit intake. This will help you feel fuller and give you all the valuable nutrients you need for the day. You should also introduce more protein to your diet.

Keep in mind that the goal is not to restrict yourself, just to create a sustainable habits. Hard, strict diets might work for a while but are hard to maintain, so it’s better to take a staged approach to your eating habit to change then in the long term.

3. Count calories

Small adjustments can make the biggest difference. If you simply reduce your portion sizes, you reduce your caloric intake. However sometimes life doesn’t work like that, but Andy recommends tracking your calories in My Fitness Pal or similar apps, and then try to reduce your intake by 300-500 calories a day, depending on how much weight your planning to lose.

Don’t forget: This is also done alongside your CrossFit training! All these factors will work together and help you lose weight and get shredded, faster.

How to Lose Weight with CrossFit: Video

Watch the full video on how to lose weight with CrossFit with Ben and Andy below.

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