How To Train Your Glutes with Dumbbells (8 Exercises Included)

Using only dumbbells, you can get your glutes fired up.

Dumbbells and glutes is a powerful combination that many people don’t think about. However, it is fairly easy to learn how to train your glutes with dumbbells. It is also extremely effective.

CrossFit athlete and YouTube sensation Marcus Filly is a great teacher when it comes to functional bodybuilding. He often focuses on movement patterns, full-body exercises and overall balance.

In his latest video, Marcus Filly explained how to train your glutes with dumbbells and has included 8 exercises for you to begin straight away from the comfort of your house.

He divided the 8 exercises into four primary movements and four supplementary exercises. Also, each exercise comes with a tempo guideline followed by four digits. This is what each digit means:

  • 1st digit – lowering phase
  • 2nd digit – time at the bottom
  • 3rd digit – upward phase
  • 4th digit – time at the top

Watch How To Train Your Glutes with Dumbbells

Here is a list of the exercises Marcus Filly mentions in his video:

1. Bulgarian Split Squat, or Rear foot elevated split squat.

Tempo is 31X0 – full 3 seconds to get to the bottom of each rep, no rest at the top of repetitions, and only a brief pause at the bottom.

2. Single-leg hip thrust

Find an elevated surface to lay your upper back on. Drive-up through the heel that is on the floor. Do not over arch your back either.

Tempo is 40X1 – maintain a pause at the top because it is when your glutes are contracting the most.

3. Banded sumo Romanian deadlift.

For this exercise you need to add band resistance. “It makes the heaviest portion at the top when the glutes are fully contracted,” Marcus Filly says.

Tempo is 40X0 – no pause at the top or the bottom, so constantly moving.

4. Hand supported single-leg RDL

Find a wall, squat rack or chair to hold on to for this exercise. To get the glute activation necessary, and not focus on your hamstrings, push your hips back as you lean forward. “This places a greater stretch on the glutes muscles and makes sure that they’re contributing to helping you hinge forward and back up,” says Marcus.

Tempo is 40X1 – brief pause at the top.

glutes with dumbbells

How to Train Your Glutes with Dumbbells

The next four movements are supplementary exercises with a shorter time under tension and shorter rest period, although the number of repetitions should be higher.

5. Dumbbell side plank clamshell

The ultimate side butt exercise according to Marcus Filly

Tempo is 10X1.

6. Seated dumbbell good morning

Two options to where the dumbbells could be placed: behind the neck, or dumbbells below the shoulders.

Tempo is 2101 – keep things slow and controlled.

7. Curtsy drop lunge

Use a step or a box that is about 6 to 8 inches in height. Don’t be too aggressive with the angle at which you lunge backwards.

Tempo is 10X1 – you should not rush, so if you find yourself going faster just to keep with the 10X1 tempo, you can and should slow down.

8. Hand supported Russian step-up

For this exercise, you will need a box that is slightly lower than your knees when standing. The hand support is more for balance, rather than to assist you going up.

Tempo is 10X1 – the key thing is not making pauses, but, again, don’t rush it.

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