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Watch Miles to Madison Episode 8 – Art of CrossFit Games Programming

“If CrossFit had a supervillain with a secret lair, it would be Dave Castro and his secret lair would be the Ranch.”

Miles to Madison Episode 8 has been uploaded and you can watch it below. This episode shows behind-the-scene footage of athletes testing workouts that eventually end up becoming the CrossFit Games events.

“It’s a full dress rehearsal essentially of what’s going to happen in Madison. So, by practising, by rehearsing, we’re setting ourselves up for success”, Dave Castro explains midway through the video.

CrossFit athlete Connor Schmitz was the first person to test the CrossFit Games events and completely alone at the beginning. It is interesting to see the conversations between Castro and Schmitz during the first few days of testing events.

“To see what he goes through, the stages of pain, how he is afterwards, how it looks. Those are the things I look for,” Dave Castro says.

Along with the video you will see Schmitz trying out the pegboard exercise and the run with cleans. With a bigger crew, you see athletes trying out the cheese curd and the yoke carry, for example.

As the episode is heavily focused on the art of programming the CrossFit Games, coaches and athletes give their opinions about the person behind the whole scheme: Dave Castro.

Watch Miles to Madison Episode 8 Art of CrossFit Games Programming

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