How to Use Fear as a Motivating Factor

Like all CrossFit® fans I have the utmost respect for Mat Fraser and his phenomenal achievements and dedication to his craft. When reading his recent letter about the decisions behind his retirement one statement stood out to me as exceptionally insightful, that he “trained scared”.

“In the weeks right before the Games, I’d stop doing obviously risky things, like riding my motorcycle to the gym, and even small things that could make all the difference, like not using a steak knife. It wasn’t worth the .01% chance I’d cut myself and ruin my week of training or compromise my performance during competition."

"I was obsessed with finding improvements anywhere possible and always terrified that one had slipped through the cracks. I trained scared.”

Mat is undoubtedly the best individual male CrossFit® athlete that has ever lived, and is a figure that inspires many athletes all around the world as we all throw ourselves into Open Workouts, WODs and new challenges.

He is a great person to learn from.

When I read his letter, it made me think about how we can use fear as a motivating factor. How it can be used as a force to drive us forward to succeed and all become better at our chosen goals and pursuits.

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