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Logan Aldridge, 3rd Fittest Adaptive Athlete, Hits 160lbs Thruster PR

Logan Aldridge is regarded by many as the strongest one-arm athlete in the world.

Logan Aldridge, the 3rd Fittest Adaptive athlete on Earth, has hit a new PR in his career: a 160lbs thruster.

The athlete is considered by many the strongest one-arm athlete in the world. He is famous for impressing people with his ability to lift heavy weights above his head and it was no different on his last video posted on Instagram.

“Wasn’t expecting that,” Aldridge wrote. “New 1 rep-max thruster – 160lbs.”

At the end of the video, he could not help himself but do a little dance to commemorate his new achievement.

Who Is Logan Aldridge?

Logan Aldridge is Director of Training of the Adaptive Training Academy (ATA) and a legend in the adaptive community of fitness competitions.

This year CrossFit has included adaptive divisions at the CrossFit Games for the first time in history. Logan Aldridge finished 3rd.

A month before the CrossFit Games, the American athlete scored a PR on Clean & Jerk. Check it out.

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