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Logan Aldridge Scores PR on Clean & Jerk a Month Before the CrossFit Games

The Bacon Beatdown put head-to-head Logan Aldridge and Josue Maldonado, two adaptive athletes who qualified for the CrossFit Games this year.

Logan Aldridge lifted his heaviest load in a clean and jerk during The Bacon Beatdown this month. This time he lifted 225 pounds (102.1 kilos), 25 pounds over his previous personal record set in 2019. Aldridge is one of five adaptive athletes who will be competing in the Men Upper Extremity division this year at the CrossFit Games.

For the first time in history, The Bacon Beatdown has included adaptive divisions in its competition after partnering up with Wheel WOD – a nonprofit organisation dedicated to providing competitive adaptive fitness to coaches and athletes.

  • Upper extremity (RX and scaled)
  • Lower extremity (RX and scaled)
  • Seated (RX and scaled)
  • Neuro (RX and scaled)
Logan Aldridge and Casey AcreeSource: Courtesy of the Adaptive Training Academy

Logan Aldridge, one of the World’s Fittest Adaptive Athlete (Upper Extremity), famously appears in a handful of photos of him lifting heavy weights above his head. During the Bacon Beatdown it was no different.

Watch Logan Aldridge score a 225 pounds PR on clean and jerk during the competition.

There were five events during the competition and Aldridge came out first in the “Hold ‘Em” workout in which the athlete had 5 minutes to do his one-rep max clean and jerk.

The leaderboard ended up with Logan Aldridge in second place:

  1. Josue Maldonado – 7 points
  2. Logan Aldridge – 12 points
  3. Lenny Vallecillo – 17 points
  4. Steven Walker – 26 points
  5. Victor Assaf – 27 points

Logan Aldridge Prepping for the CrossFit Games

After including adaptive divisions during this year’s Open, CrossFit announced that it would crown the Fittest Adaptive Athlete on Earth for the first time. Find out the driving force behind adaptive divisions in the CrossFit Open.

Logan Aldridge will compete in the upper extremity division, but do you know who else has also qualified for the CrossFit Games in the same division? Josue Maldonado, the same athlete who finished ahead of Aldridge during this month’s The Bacon Beatdown.

Besides the two athletes who went head-to-head already this month, the CrossFit Games Men Upper Extremity division will invite Casey Acree, Xabier Osa Mendes, and Victor Assaf.

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