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Lucas Parker Will Not Compete in The Open or 2018 CrossFit Games Season

Lucas Parker: “I’ll be sitting out this year’s crossfit open qualifiers. A few of you have noticed my name is absent from the leaderboard – don’t worry, I didn’t forget to sign up!

I have decided that a year off will be very beneficial for me. Due to a handful of various setbacks and issues, I don’t believe my capacity is where it needs to be to achieve my goals this season. This was a difficult thought to confront, but I’m very excited about the growth potential here.

Rather than have a weak 2018 that sets me up for a disappointing 2019, I’d rather have a productive 2018 that sets me up for a successful 2019.

Since the start of my career in 2011, I believe I’ve been one of the only athletes who consistently takes extended breaks each season (I usually took the entire month after the Games off from training) and I credit this approach for my longevity in the sport.

I’ve also talked a lot in old interviews about how, as the sport matures, athletes will move toward an “Olympiad” style of 2-4 year competition cycles, to allow recovery and optimal training peaks as the demands of the sport increase. So, maybe it has reached that point for me.

By removing the specific calendar, training, and travel demands of the crossfit season I will be free to focus on rebuilding my fitness, health, and mindset to where it needs to be to compete at the highest level.

Thank you to my friends and family for your support in this decision.”


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