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Mat Fraser’s Abs Finisher Workout for a Six-Pack

He continues to be extremely fit.

Check out Mat Fraser’s abs finisher workout if you are trying to get that six-pack look.

He was once the most feared male athlete in CrossFit. His dominant performance in the CrossFit Games followed him until he announced his retirement in early 2021. However, as a coach for HWPO, he still knows how to push his body to maintain his physical appearance and strength.

Mat Fraser is also known for his core solid six-pack features. And how does he get that? We will not lie and say here it is because of abs exercises. Of course, that plays an importance in it, but, as with any other person, the way to get six-pack abs is with a proper diet, eating enough protein, lowering your body fat percentage, the right exercise selection and being consistent.

Not as easy as it sounds. But Mat Fraser shared his abs finisher workout on Instagram and we replicate it here for you.

Mat Fraser’s Abs Finisher Workout

The 5x Fittest Man on Earth did this abs finisher workout after his squat session. Here is how he did it:

3 rounds of:

mat fraseräs abs finisher workoutSource: Photo Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Landmine rotations will target your obliques as you will be twisting your body from left to right. You can perform this exercise standing up, like Mat Fraser, or you can kneel down which will force your hips to face forward the entire time, putting more tension on your obliques.

The V-ups will target your rectus abdominis, known as the six-pack muscle, and also your lower abs. But this exercise engages your entire lower body as well because you need to lift your legs off the floor. Some muscles activated in the movement are the hip flexors, adductors, and quads.

Mat Fraser’s abs finisher workout ends with an isometric hold, the hanging L-sit. This exercise requires you to maintain your body locked in position while you are hanging from a pull-up bar. This type of exercise is great to increase stabilisation, which is what the abs are all about when it comes to protecting your spine.

Check Mat Fraser showcasing his abs finisher workout below on his Instagram post.

And that was Mat Fraser’s abs finisher workout. Give it a go!

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