Team Quarterfinals: Who Qualified (Unofficial) & What the Leaderboard Tells Us

CrossFit Mayhem is on a dominant path again during CrossFit Team Quarterfinals. 21 teams from Africa qualified, instead of the maximum 20.

Team quarterfinals are over, the results have been published on CrossFit’s website and are still being reviewed before making them official, but it is safe to draw a few conclusions from the preliminary placing. Who was the dominant team in its continent, who was the best overall team, and why did Africa manage to sneak an extra team to the Semifinals?

CrossFit Mayhem Freedom changed three of the four athletes due to new rules regarding the Affiliate Cup and everybody was eager to know if this would become an obstacle. The team, led by Rich Froning, is the most successful in the CrossFit Games with four Affiliate Cup wins to date.

After the preliminary results have been posted, we can agree that Mayhem Freedom is the main contender to win this year’s championship once more. It finished 1st in North America, and managed to get all five workouts in the top 5 in the continent.

Team Quarterfinals CrossFit Mayhem FreedomSource: CrossFit

Compared to the rest of the world, CrossFit Mayhem Freedom also took first place overall. Workouts 2 and 5 were the best across the globe. The worst positioning was workout 1 that placed Rich Froning’s team 7th in the world, while workout 4 saw the team lift the 5th heaviest load and workout 3 with the 2nd fastest time worldwide.

The Most Dominant In Its Continent – Team Quarterfinals

Although team Mayhem Freedom was the best overall in the United States and the world, the most dominant team was Eikestad Mighty Oaks from South Africa.

They might have finished 29th in the world, but the team dominated in Africa. They managed to get the best results in the continent in workouts 1, 2, 3 and 5. Workout 4, where athletes had to front-squat for highest combined load, saw they lifting 1096 pounds, the second heaviest load in the continent.

Team Quarterfinals’ Hardest Workout

We can assume that workout 2 was the hardest in this year’s Team Quarterfinals because only four teams managed to complete the workout in the entire world. Yes, you read it correctly. In the entire world, only four teams managed to finish the workout within the 25 minute time cap.

Team Quarterfinals Workout 2Source: CrossFit

Interestingly the four teams who managed to finish the workout are from North America: CrossFit Mayhem Freedom, i1uvit, Pro1 Montreal, Gold Standard Athletics.

Africa Sneaks One Extra Team Into Semifinals

When CrossFit first announced the road to the CrossFit Games, it was understood that every continent, except for Europe and North America, would have 20 teams qualified to the Semifinals, but that is not what happened to Africa.

Qualifying CutlinesSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

No, the teams did not cheat but rather got lucky, because the 20th and 21st team in the rank finished with exactly the same points. That means that both teams ended up in the 20th position and should both be through to the Semifinals if there is no change in the leaderboard after CrossFit has reviewed all videos submitted.

Team Quarterfinals Africa 20 position

Team FirstPower is from Kenya and Firebolt Dragons is from South Africa.

Team Quarterfinals Qualified to the Next Stage

The list is not official as CrossFit Inc still has to review all videos submitted. Nevertheless, here are the teams that qualified for the Semifinals this year.

North America

1CrossFit Mayhem Freedom
3I1 uvit
4On Track
5Pro1 Montreal
6CrossFit Resurrection
7MoveFastLiftHeavy Crew
8CrossFit Westchase
9Team Man Made
10Invictus Unconquerable
12Ocean States Finest
13Venture CrossFit
14Lone Star CrossFit
15Three Kings Keystone – Alpha
16The Grit Haus Black
17Ohio Brutes
18Fitness Like a Pro
19Training Think Tank
20Undefeated CrossFit
21Spicy Lil Mamas
22Backcountry Black
23CrossFit Boynton Beach
24Blues City Athletics
24Novative Lab
26Team Koda
283 Bridges CrossFit
31CrossFit Complete
32Fulcrum Fitness
33Timberwolf CrossFit
34Team COI
35CrossFit Grandview
35CrossFit Kinesis
37Gold Standar Athletics
38CrossFit Fortius
39CrossFit Reignited Wilmington
4012 Labours
41CrossFit Crag
42CrossFit Hype
43Koda CrossFit
44Renewed Strength CrossFit
45Gambit CrossFit
45CrossFit Progression
478th Day Gym
48Ocean State Gold
49C2X CrossFit
49CrossFit Nashville
51Jump Ship Kailua
52CrossFit 321
53CrossFit Kemah
54CrossFit Abilene
55CrossFit Omaha
56CrossFit Blade
57Koda CrossFit Norman
58Northstate CrossFit
59CrossFit Mentality
60Cristini Athletics
61Koda CrossFit Iron View
62Man O War CrossFit
63Invictus Sorrento Valley
64CrossFit Fort Vancouver
65Fit To Prove Stadd
66Black Flag Compete
67CrossFit Lethal
67CrossFit Invigorate
69The W Pack
70CrossFit Laminin
71Black Bear Athletics
72CrossFit 8035
73Slice Slice Baby
73Koda CrossFit Native
75CrossFit Westchase – Largo
76CrossFit Redzone
77West LA Athletics
78Team Driving Force
79CrossFit Greater Heights Apex
80Crash Black


1CrossFit Zurriola Training Culture
2From The Port
3Team Butchers Lab T-Bone
4CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack
5Team CrossFit Holistic
6CrossFit 8020
7Team CrossFit Genas
8CrossFit Fabriken
9AOD Fitness
11Bergen Limitless
12Heart N Heavy CrossFit
13Team Genius
14The Athlete Program
15Team CrossFit Walleye
16CrossFit Caen
16Team Norce Thor
18CrossFit Hull And Humber
19CrossFit Oslo Wolfpack 2
20Team Butchers Lab
21CrossFit Serval
22CrossFit Grillen
22Dauntless Fitness
24Team Boundary
26Team Aarhus CrossFit
27CrossFit Falun Mandagsklubben
28Team Norce Fenris
29CrossFit Atford
30CrossFit Nordic
31CrossFit Witham
32CFS Sport
34CrossFit Chester
35CrossFit Hexis
37CFR Black
38CrossFit Trondheim
39Team DK
40CrossFit Pilatus


1Eikestad Mighty Oaks
2CrossFit Tijger Valley
3Lions Bay CrossFit
4Eikestad Golden Oaks
5CrossFit Engine38
6CrossFit Pharaohs
7Howling Commandos
8Kyma Kaos
9CrossFit Resuelto
10Motley Crew
11RTF CrossFit
12ATG A Team
13Cape CrossFit Wolfpack
14CrossFit PBM
15Black Mountain CrossFit
16CrossFit Damascus
17Pack Life CrossFit Wanderers
19CrossFit Tsumeb
20First Power
20Firebolt Dragons


1Team Dubai
2Kolesnikov Team
4Sour Patch Kids
6MVMT Dumbai
7CrossFit Sprut
8CrossFit Muharraq
10Team Erada
11WOD Friends
12Team Panda
13Team Conan
14Stadion Team Koco
15Drama Guns of Ryukyu
16Team One
17Alioth X
18Shogun CrossFit
19Team K-Pop
20Base 3


164 Army Gold
2Reebok CrossFit Frankston
5Wiser1 Phoenix
6Injustice Crew
7Starr Strength Botany
8CrossFit Underway
964 Army Steel
1064 Army Smoke
1164 Army Indigo
12CrossFit 121
13CrossFit Newstead
14Breakwater Athletics
15CrossFit Norwest
16Urban Rookies
18Freezing Hot CrossFit
19Rec Gym Black
20Greater West

South America

1Fourmixx Brazil
3CrossFit Villa Luro
4Team SP
5Team Punk
6Team Treta
7Team Kingbull
8Q21 Hormiguero
10Vittoria Morereps Classic
11Team Templo SA
13Team Celeiro
14Aldeota V Strong
15Team Treta Kids
16Team Samurai
17Vittoria Morereps New Blood
18Team Macha Laranja
19MPNA Flow
20Team Tyranno

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