The Only 2 Tricep Exercises You Need

Maximise your triceps gains now.

These are the only 2 tricep exercises you need. Really. At least, according to a renowned fitness coach.

Embarking on the quest for well-defined triceps can often feel like navigating through a sea of exercise options. In this comprehensive guide, prominent fitness expert Jeff Cavaliere unveils the secret to achieving exceptional arm growth with just two strategically chosen tricep exercises.

Jeff Cavaliere is a fitness trainer, physical therapist, and the creator of the popular fitness YouTube channel called ATHLEAN-X. He is known for his expertise in strength training, conditioning, and sports medicine. Jeff Cavaliere served as the Head Physical Therapist and Assistant Strength Coach for the New York Mets in Major League Baseball from 2006 to 2009.

While the minimalist approach might raise eyebrows, Cavaliere emphasises the importance of these exercises checking specific boxes for a streamlined and effective tricep training routine. See it for yourself.

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The Only 2 Tricep Exercises You Need

Cavaliere advocates for a science-based approach to tricep training, beginning with a focus on the long head, which constitutes two-thirds of the triceps and contributes significantly to overall arm size. The cornerstone of this duo is the lying tricep extension.

Executed with a simple curl bar and a bench, this compound movement goes beyond isolation, offering an eccentric overload that challenges both the elbow and shoulder joints. Cavaliere recommends a heavier load to ensure a profound eccentric stretch on the way down, coupled with a powerful concentric contraction. Transitioning seamlessly to a close grip bench press after reaching failure further targets the medial and lateral tricep heads, creating a well-rounded workout.

Complementing the lying tricep extension is the rocking push down – a unique take on the traditional push down. Cavaliere delves into the significance of maintaining tension on the triceps throughout the entire range of motion.

By stepping back and leaning into the movement, he demonstrates how this modification ensures the long head is worked through both stretched and fully contracted positions. The rocking push down becomes a distinctive addition to the tricep routine, steering clear of common pitfalls and maximizing gains by optimizing tricep engagement.

In a fitness landscape saturated with endless exercise possibilities, the minimalist approach advocated by Cavaliere stands out as a beacon of efficiency. Focusing on these two key exercises allows individuals to concentrate on fewer elements, streamlining their efforts and accelerating progress toward the coveted tricep growth. Cavaliere emphasizes that it’s not about the quantity of exercises but rather about strategically selecting the right ones to unlock tricep potential and sculpt the arms of one’s dreams.

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Practical Implementation:

Cavaliere provides practical insights into the implementation of this minimalist approach. He underscores the importance of combining these two exercises in a holistic training arc, ensuring a balanced and effective routine, covering the long head from the stretched position all the way back down and behind your body for a full peak tricep contraction. By concentrating on fewer movements, individuals can establish a deeper mind-muscle connection, a crucial factor in optimizing gains and fostering muscle development.

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In conclusion, Jeff Cavaliere’s science-backed selection of two tricep exercises offers a blueprint for achieving ultimate arm growth. The lying tricep extension and rocking push down create a synergy that targets the long head through both stretch and contraction, ensuring a well-rounded and effective tricep training routine.

The minimalist advantage, coupled with practical implementation tips, empowers individuals to streamline their efforts, concentrating on quality over quantity. This guide is not just about exercises; it’s about unlocking tricep potential and sculpting arms that command attention and admiration.

Do you want to see how to perform correctly these exercises and why they are the only 2 tricep exercises you need to maximise your gains? Then click on the button below to watch Cavaliere explanation.

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Training your triceps is of paramount importance in achieving a well-rounded and proportionate physique. Comprising two-thirds of the upper arm’s musculature, the triceps play a pivotal role in sculpting the arms and contributing to overall strength. Neglecting triceps training can result in an imbalance, as the biceps alone won’t provide the necessary aesthetic and functional symmetry. Engaging in targeted triceps workouts not only enhances the visual appeal of your arms but also contributes significantly to your performance in various upper body exercises.

Moreover, triceps are integral in promoting functional strength and stability during compound movements such as bench presses, push-ups, and shoulder presses. Strengthening these muscles is essential for ensuring proper form and reducing the risk of injury, particularly in the elbow and shoulder joints. Whether you’re an avid weightlifter or simply aiming for overall fitness, a robust triceps training regimen enhances your ability to perform daily activities with ease while minimizing the likelihood of overuse injuries associated with an underdeveloped triceps musculature.

Beyond the aesthetic and functional aspects, triceps training holds particular relevance for athletes and individuals engaged in sports that require explosive upper body movements. Activities like boxing, swimming, and basketball heavily rely on powerful arm extensions, and a well-conditioned triceps muscle group significantly contributes to enhanced athletic performance in these endeavors. In essence, incorporating triceps exercises into your fitness routine not only refines the aesthetics of your physique but also fosters strength, stability, and versatility in your overall physical prowess.

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