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Tia Wins First Event, Only 4 Out of 134 Female Athletes Finish

Tia-Clair Toomey was in a class of her own, establishing an early lead that she extended as the workout progressed.

Kari Pearce finished in second, ahead of Jaime Green and Haley Adams, who both sprinted to the line together in a frantic dash for third place. 

These were the only four athletes standing across the line in the finish zone as the time cap sounded across the blazing and hot competition field. Katrin Davidsdottir finished in 21st and Sara Sigmundsdottir in 40th.

Talking confidently but humbly about the first Event, Tia claimed that she was:

“Really happy with that performance but we don’t know what’s coming…”

Want to watch all the action live? 

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Event 1 Leaderboard

  1. Tia Clair Toomey
  2. Kari Pearce
  3. Jaime Green
  4. Haley Adams
  5. Feeroozeh Saghafi
  6. Annie Thorisdottir
  7. Kristin Holte
  8. Sam Briggs
  9. Madeline Sturt
  10. Alessandra Pichelli
  11. Anna Fragou
  12. Bethany Shadburne
  13. Oddrun Eik Gylfadottir
  14. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir
  15. Emma McQuaid

EVENT 1 – First Cut

4 rounds for time

  • 400m run
  • 3 legless rope climbs
  • 7 squat snatches

Women 130 lb

Time Cap: 20 mins



  • Top 75 athletes receive points. 76+ earn 0 points but will be ranked.
  • Final heat will contain the fewest athletes.
  • Athletes will be assigned to a lane and may use any bar or rope within their lane.
  • Rounds 1-3 use the first set of barbells. Round 4 will use barbells set closer to the finish line.

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