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Biggest Updates from the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge: Tia-Clair Toomey Dominates, Surprises in the Men’s Division

This year's Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge is over with a few surprises and some seriously heavy weights. Who is going to the CrossFit Games?

Over the last 72 hours some of CrossFit’s biggest names have been sweating it out over two continents to earn just a handful of spots to the upcoming CrossFit Games in Madison, WI.

While Kara Saunders and Jay Crouch battled it out at the Torian Pro in Brisbane, the Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge began its weekend with a stacked lineup of athletes taking to the competition floor in Knoxville.

After three days and six events; the following top 5 men, top 5 women and top 5 teams have now qualified for the Games.

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge: Individual Women

1.Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr588
2.Haley Adams528
3.Brooke Wells512
4.Amanda Barnhart468
5Jessica Griffith468

It’s Tia’s World and We’re Just Living In It

Unable to return to Australia, four-time CrossFit Games Fittest on Earth Tia-Clair Toomey-Orr dominated the weekend from start to finish; landing first place in 4 out of 6 events. Her impressive performance at the MACC solidifies her dominance, and puts here well on track for her fifth Fittest on Earth title this summer.

Battle for Fifth Place

It was a race to the finish for Feeroozeh Saghafi and Jessica Griffith, who were down to milliseconds on the Event 6 dumbbell snatch. Jessica clinched it in the end, earning her fifth place and an invitational to the Games. Feeroozeh will join Christine Kolenbrander and Nicole Gibson-Burke in the Last Chance Qualifier at the end of June.

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge: Individual Men

1.Jayson Hopper560
2.Scott Panchik536
3.Justin Medeiros538
4.Travis Mayer516
5.Zach Watts425

The Rise of Jayson Hopper and Zach Watts

While former podium-finishers Scott Panchik and Justin Medeiros were always pegged to do well at the MACC, it was 23-year-old Jayson Hopper who came out on top, ripping through the competition after six events, and coming first in three. According to his Instagram, Jayson’s initial goal for the 2021 season was to finish in the top 100 at the Open, making him one of this year’s darkest horses, and one to watch closely at the 2021 Games.

Zach Watts is another rookie who will also take to the competition floor in Madison. The 25-year-old has been attacking a Games invite for four years, but earned his spot landing 28 points ahead of Tyler Eggimann who will join Angelo Dicicco and Hunter Holifield in the Last Chance Qualifier.

Heavy Weights

One of the highlights of this year’s Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge was a huge opening event — a max weight Snatch. Six competitors hit 300lbs on their snatch, all tying second, with Zach Watts dominating with a hugely impressive 310lbs.

Travis Williams Withdraws

After snatching 300lbs on the first day and gearing up for a big weekend, Games athlete Travis Williams took to his Instagram account on Friday evening, explaining that he had to withdraw from the MACC due to work — a miscommunication between himself and his employer, the Houston Fire Department. Travis wrote:

Source: Image courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

 “This crazy thing happened and basically I have to go home and go to work, so I will be withdrawing from this competition unfortunately. I have a sixteen hour ambulance ride along shift that I’ve been called in for Sunday. Very unlucky.”

Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge: Teams

1.CrossFit Mayhem Freedom663
2.Lone Star CrossFit592
3.CrossFit Westchase584
4.Training Think Tank554
5.On Track545

Absolute Mayhem

Winning five out of six events, Rich Froning’s CrossFit Mayhem Freedom are once again heading to the Games. The winning lineup includes Andrea Nisler, Taylor Williamson and Froning’s cousin by marriage, Chase Hill.

mayhem freedom crossfit team 2021Source: Courtesy of Mayhem Freedom

This several more events to go including the Granite Games and Atlas Games, the 2021 CrossFit Games is already shaping up to be one event you won’t want to miss.

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