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VIDEO – CrossFit Runners Mistaken for Robbers in Brazil as Bar Customers Flee In Fear

A group of CrossFit athletes accidentally caused havoc in a bar in Recife, a north-eastern city in Brazil.

A video of bar customers fleeing from what appears to be robbers has gone viral in Brazil. However, they were CrossFit Runners mistaken for robbers who were practising their workout around the block.

Customers who were sitting on outside tables at the Cervejaria Alphaiate, a steak house in Recife, Pernambuco, became famous for mistakenly assuming a few CrossFit runners were robbers. A viral video surfaced this past weekend in which every customer left their table in the middle of the night afraid of being caught in what is known in Brazil as “arrastão,” or gang plundering.

VIDEO – CrossFit Runners Mistaken For Robbers

In the video is possible to see a few people running slowly down the sidewalk and soon enough one person becomes panicked and flees the area followed quickly by everyone else. The news spread around Brazil and made headlines also in the New York Post and the Daily Mail.

The city’s police department later that day released a statement clarifying that no robberies were committed at that time around the bar and no one came forward alleging some wrongdoing. According to the bar owners, the clients returned to their respective tables a few minutes later.

The bar itself even used the opportunity to advertise itself and poke fun at the misunderstanding.

“Hey CrossFit people, after training, come over to drink a draft beer. And don’t forget to pay the bill,” a waiter says in their latest Instagram post.

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