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What Happens To Your Body When You Do 100 Dips Every Day

Your physique can drastically improve!

What happens to your body when you do 100 dips every day? Keep reading below to find out.

First of all, not many exercises are recommended to do every single day for a long period of time. What, you think not a single exercise is recommended? You would be wrong. How about walking? Yes, we got you there, didn’t we? Walking is a great exercise you can and should be doing every day.

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But most exercises are not recommended to do every day – mainly the ones that are very taxing on the body or a specific muscle. And the dips are one of them – don’t get us wrong, there are many benefits of doing dips regularly. But still, you shouldn’t be doing dips every day, let alone 100 if that number is too high for you, although some people can do hundreds of push-ups every day and still feel fine, so it varies from person to person.

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Dips are a compound exercise that targets primarily your chest, triceps, lats and shoulders. See below how to perform this amazing bodyweight exercise that targets your upper body.

But what if you are crazy enough, or curious enough, to know what happens to your body when you do 100 dips every day? Well, for one, you can begin doing them right now and track the changes yourself.

Or you can scroll down and see how Steven did it and his progress through 30 days of doing 100 dips every day. Steven is the face and creator of Simple Man, he has a YouTube channel in which he, “an average guy,” shows some fitness challenges hoping to lead to living better and healthier.

Check it out below.

What Happens To Your Body When You Do 100 Dips Every Day

Through Steven’s video, we can see physical improvements in his upper body after doing 100 dips every day for 30 days.

The beginning of the video only shows images of him doing dips, but later on, you see a before and after comparison. And what a difference it is.

His pecs are fuller, way fuller. His upper chest has improved significantly. His arms and back are also thicker. Needless to say, overall, his upper body muscles are also more defined.

“[This] was hands down the best upper body workout challenge I have ever done for improving my physique in such a short period of time.”

If you have never done dips before, Steven suggests acclimating with the movements by doing a few reps. Although he has done it a lot in the past, he decided to do more reps intermittently, every now and again, so he would be able to do 100 dips in one day.

Make sure you are preparing properly, fuelling properly and recovering enough. Break the 100 dips into a few sets – it could be 5 sets of 20 or even more sets of 20 reps get too difficult down the line.

If you are trying this out, have fun!

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If you were to perform 100 dips every day for 30 days, your body would likely undergo some changes.

Firstly, your upper body strength and endurance would improve significantly. Your chest, triceps, and shoulder muscles would adapt to the increased workload, becoming stronger and more toned.

Secondly, you may notice some changes in your body composition. If you maintain a healthy diet and continue to perform the dips with good form, you may see a reduction in body fat and an increase in lean muscle mass.

However, it’s important to note that performing dips every day without proper rest and recovery can lead to overuse injuries such as tendinitis or muscle strains. Therefore, it’s crucial to give your body adequate time to rest and recover between workout sessions.

It’s also essential to incorporate a variety of exercises and workout routines into your fitness regimen to ensure that you are targeting all muscle groups and avoiding muscle imbalances.

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Dips are a compound exercise that offers numerous benefits for your upper body strength and fitness. Here are some of the main benefits of doing dips:

  1. Builds Upper Body Strength: Dips are a highly effective exercise for building upper body strength, particularly in the chest, triceps, and shoulders. By performing dips regularly, you can improve your overall upper body strength, which can help with everyday activities and other exercises.
  2. Increases Muscle Mass: Dips are a great exercise for building muscle mass in the chest, triceps, and shoulders. By increasing your muscle mass, you can improve your overall physique and increase your metabolism, which can help with weight loss and weight maintenance.
  3. Improves Endurance: Performing dips can also help improve your muscular endurance, allowing you to perform more reps or sets of other exercises.
  4. Requires Minimal Equipment: Dips can be performed using parallel bars, a bench, or other elevated surfaces, making them a convenient and accessible exercise that can be performed almost anywhere.
  5. Can Be Modified for Different Fitness Levels: Dips can be modified to make them easier or more challenging, making them suitable for people of all fitness levels.
  6. Can Improve Functional Strength: Dips can also help improve your functional strength, which is the strength you use for everyday activities such as lifting and carrying groceries, pushing open heavy doors, and other common tasks.
  7. Can Improve Shoulder Stability: Dips can help improve shoulder stability, which can reduce the risk of injury during other exercises or everyday activities.

Overall, dips are an effective exercise for building upper body strength, increasing muscle mass, improving endurance, and promoting overall fitness and health.

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