3 Tips On How To Stop Hunger Cravings

Make your diet easier to follow.

How to stop hunger cravings? Is it possible to keep your food desire at bay during this time of the year that we know means sitting by the table and eating loads of food?

If you are trying to lose weight, there is a chance you are worried about the backlash of not eating whatever you want, whenever you want. Your body and brain shift into survival mode and lets your stomach know that it should eat more to maintain its natural state when you begin losing weight.

But if there was a way how to stop hunger cravings, wouldn’t that be great? According to Max Posternak, you can do it.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 5 million subscribers.

Check out how to stop hunger cravings according to him below.

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How To Stop Hunger Cravings

Posternak says these tips on how to stop hunger cravings are not related to eating more protein, drinking more water or not skipping breakfast. “I’m talking about taking an approach that it’s actually going to get you to want to stick to your diet plan,” he says.

1. Difference Between Brain and Body Hunger

Whenever most of us are hungry, the mind never gets the idea of “craving some chicken and broccoli,” but rather chocolate or ice cream even though the chicken and the broccoli would solve the physical hunger much better.

The best way to fight this urge is simple. Whenever you have food cravings, for example, you want to eat ice cream, promise yourself you will eat as much as you want and can, but only after you have a wholesome meal of single-ingredient foods (preferably high in vegetables and protein).

volumetrics diet

An overwhelming majority of the time when you do this after you have that meal, your body’s hunger will be gone and your mind will no longer crave junk food, and if you do eat some ice cream later, it will not be as much as it would if you hadn’t had that meal before.

2. Stay Away from Addicting Foods

Unfortunately, most junk foods taste good because it is designed to make you crave them. They are highly addictive and will kill your diet plans. High fructose syrup, artificial flavours, additives, sugar and flavour enhancement will trigger your brain and is addictive.

Can you lift weights and eat junk food

Your brain cannot match the dopamine released by a doughnut compared to real fruits, and that is why you rarely crave a bowl of fruits if you regularly eat high-sugar foods.

You can teach your brain to stop craving these kinds of food by staying away from them for a consistent period until it becomes natural not to want to eat these.

3. Flexible Diet

Rotate your food sources to enjoy all of them without overconsuming. After you reset your palate and are not dealing with food addiction, you may eat those snacks in moderation, such as pasta, bread, and cereal, if you just balance it out with other meals.

The last thing you want is a long-term diet filled with restrictions. The most successful diets are the ones that make you feel like it is not a diet.

And that is Posternak’s 3 tips on how to top hunger cravings. Start implementing these concepts now to stay within your diet for longer than you imagined.

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight, rather than just get healthier, you should still follow the golden rule of thermodynamics, meaning you should eat less calories than you burn regularly and stay in a caloric deficit. Find out how low you should go in a caloric deficit and still keep it safe.

Click on Posternak’s video below if you want to see his full explanation of how to stop hunger cravings and explain his 3 tips in deeper detail.

VIDEO – How To Stop Hunger Cravings

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