Why Abs Workouts Are A Waste Of Time (Opinion)

A fitness coach is begging people to stop doing ab workouts from popularised in YouTube videos.

Do you know why abs workouts are a waste of time? This is the particular opinion of Sean Nalewanyj, a fitness coach and author. He is known for not wasting time in his videos, which can range from training techniques to fitness misinformation.

It is in one of his videos published on his YouTube channel that he somewhat made an unusual statement that ab workouts are not efficient and will not get the results you are probably looking for.

Why Abs Workouts Are A Waste of Time

For Nalewanyj, abs workouts are a waste of time and people should stop doing X-minute ab workouts that they see on YouTube. He says that those workouts are not optimal for people looking to get a lean and defined midsection and build their overall core strength. In fact, he says these workouts are not even necessary.

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You cannot target specific fat from your body and many people doing ab workouts believe they will be reducing their belly fat. That is simply not the case. “Fat loss is the result of staying in caloric deficit over time which burns fat from your entire body as a whole, but you can’t specifically influence where that fat is pulled from,” he explains. Some areas in the body take longer to lean down and the stomach is one of those.

“No amount of ab training on its own is going to get you that six-pack. It’s going to come down, primarily, to being lean enough.”

Nalewanyj says the abs are just like any other muscle group in the body. You shouldn’t be doing high reps of bodyweight ab exercises if your goal is to grow muscle. What you should do, in fact, is pick a strength training program that does progressive overload, about 6-12 reps of any given exercise and reach failure or close to failure to promote muscle growth.

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“Notice that I didn’t say ab training is a waste of time, these dedicated pump-style 12-minute abs workouts are a waste of time, or at least they are definitely not the most effective and the most efficient use of your time.”

Many of the compound exercises you could choose will target indirectly your abs. Nalewanyj believes that some direct abdominal work, even if it is just once a week, is already enough as part of an overall well-rounded strength training program for the purposes of hypertrophy and total body strength.

As long as you choose an exercise in which you can apply progressive overload and that is difficult enough that will make you reach failure. You also don’t need to spend a full hour doing ab exercises, perhaps 2-3 exercises where you can engage your abs will be enough.

And that is why abs workouts are a waste of time in Nalewanyj’s point of view. Click on the video below to get a better sense of everything he believes to be wrong regarding ab workouts.

VIDEO – Why Abs Workouts Are A Waste Of Time

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