5 Exercises to Boost Chest Muscle Growth

Check out these 5 exercises that will boos your chest muscle growth, in case you are not seeing improvement on your pecs’ region. The movements were shared by the guys from the Mind Pump media team.

The Mind Pump Podcast is an online radio show that talks all fitness related and, usually, is provocative. Its hosts are Sal Di StefanoAdam SchaferJustin Andrews, and Doug Egge. They also have a YouTube channel with more than 700k subscribers.

These exercises are not supposed to substitute the golden movements that are sure to build muscle on your pecs. Of course you have your bench presses and incline presses – those exercises will always be great for your chest. “What we’ve noticed is that a lot of people have poor connection to their chest,” Di Stefano says.

“If you’re not firing the chest correctly, you could do the best exercise in the word and it’s not going to build and grow,” Schafer continues.

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So scroll down to see the 5 exercises you should be doing if you are failing on getting your pecs to grow.

5 Exercises to Boost Chest Muscle Growth

1. Pre-Exhaust Superset

“This is when you do an isolation movement before a compound movement to target the muscle that you’re looking to go after,” Di Stefano says.

For example, you can do bench flyes to target your middle chest, do a set, and then immediately go to the compound movement to target your chest, which could be an incline bench press.

The key is the order of the exercises, to do an isolation movement to wake up and exhaust the muscle you want to target when you do your compound movement.

2. Dips

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In the same idea, doing a pre-exhaust superset before hitting your chest, you could opt to do dips. Why dips? It is a great chest exercise that will have your chest fully stretched out and put tension on it while doing it.

After doing a couple of full depth dips, you can go and do another chest exercise and you will feel a bigger mind-muscle connection.

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3. Band Pull-Aparts

When doing press exercises, after fatiguing, you might get your shoulders and triceps involved without even noticing. That’s natural because those dominant muscles want to help you lift the weight, but that is the opposite of what you want.

To tackle that, you can use a resistance band to do ban pull-aparts. Do that for 15-20 reps to fire up your back stabiliser before doing bench presses, for example.

4. And 5. Resistance Band Row Supinated and Pronated

Still with your resistance band, you can do rows by putting the band around a squat rack. Stay in a row position, with knees bent, and rowing against the resistance of the band.

First do with a supinated hand (palms facing up) and squeeze the shoulder blades out. Do 15 reps before moving to the 15 reps of the pronated version of the movement.

“All I’m really doing, is we’re waking up all those muscles back there. That’s why we’re choosing a band that is really light, I’m not trying to fatigue the back or get a crazy calorie burn, I’m just trying to wake those muscles ups,” Schafer says.

Click on the video below to get the full explanation from the guys from Mind Pump TV.

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Training your chest can have a number of benefits for your overall fitness and physical health. Here are some reasons why you might want to train your chest:

  1. Strengthening your chest muscles: Chest exercises like bench press, push-ups, and dumbbell flyes can help you build stronger chest muscles. This can improve your overall upper body strength and make it easier to perform daily activities that require pushing or pulling.
  2. Aesthetics: A well-developed chest can enhance the appearance of your upper body, giving you a more balanced and proportional physique.
  3. Improved posture: A strong chest can also help improve your posture by pulling your shoulders back and helping you maintain a more upright position.
  4. Increased metabolism: Chest exercises can also help boost your metabolism, which can help you burn more calories throughout the day.
  5. Improved athletic performance: A strong chest can improve your performance in a variety of sports and activities that require upper body strength, such as basketball, football, and rock climbing.

Overall, training your chest can have numerous benefits for your physical health, appearance, and athletic performance. It’s important to incorporate a variety of exercises into your chest workout routine to ensure that you’re targeting all the muscles in your chest, as well as other muscles in your upper body.

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The frequency at which you should train your chest depends on several factors such as your fitness goals, overall fitness level, and your training program.

In general, it is recommended that you train your chest muscles at least once per week to see improvements in strength and muscle growth. However, some individuals may benefit from training their chest more frequently, such as 2-3 times per week, especially if they are more experienced lifters and are looking to target specific areas of the chest.

It’s important to note that you shouldn’t train your chest muscles on consecutive days as this can lead to overtraining and increase the risk of injury. Additionally, it’s important to allow your muscles to rest and recover between workouts, so that they have time to repair and grow.

Overall, the frequency at which you should train your chest will depend on your individual goals and fitness level, so it’s best to consult with a certified fitness professional who can help you design a personalized workout plan that meets your needs.

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