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9 Best Exercises For A Nice Butt – Free Glutes Workout

You could make people jealous by following this workout.

Check out the 9 best exercises for a nice butt if you want to improve how your behind looks. The exercises were put together by Max Posternak.

Max Posternak is the founder of Gravity Transformation, a website focused on giving tips and training guidance for people looking to improve their fitness and lose weight. His YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers.

Your butt is composed of a couple of muscles, and the biggest one in the entire body is the gluteus maximus. The shape of your butt is largely determined by the gluteus maximus, but you also have the gluteus medius and minimus. You have to target them all effectively if you want to improve how your ass looks.

And that is what this list of 9 best exercises for a nice butt aims to achieve. Check it out.

9 Best Exercises For A Nice Butt

1. Glute Step-Up

  • 2-3 sets
  • 10 reps

Change the normal step-up into a glute exercise by keeping your toes pointing up when you step on the platform in front of you. This will prevent you from kicking off the back leg, taking your back calf out of the movement and putting emphasis on the glutes.

2. Lunge Kickback

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15 reps

Start this exercise with the hip in a flexed position to increase glute activation and increase your range of motion. Hold the position at the bottom to feel a nice stretch in your front hamstring and glute.

3. Squats (No Lockout)

  • 2-3 sets
  • 20 reps

Of course, squats had to be on the list of best exercises for a nice butt. However, this one comes with a twist. By not locking out when coming up on the squat you will keep constant tension on your glutes and your legs as well.

4. Iso Hip Abduction

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15 reps

Get in a squat position, and lower your body until your quads are parallel with the floor. Then hold that position and flare your knees out and squeeze your glutes for a second and bring the knees back in. Repeat for 15 reps.

5. Lateral Lunge

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15 reps

This exercise is a jack of all trades for the lower body as it will target your gluteus medius, hamstrings, quads, and inner thighs.

6. SL Bridge

  • 2-3 sets
  • 10 reps

To challenge your glutes effectively with a heavy load, you want to focus on one leg at a time while doing bridges. Do that by placing one ankle on top of the opposite knee and hinge your hips up as you drive your foot into the ground.

7. Bulgarian Split Squat

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15 reps

Bulgarian split squats are one of the best single-leg exercises for your lower body.

athlete performs Bulgarian split squat with dumbbell

8. Frog Pumps

  • 2-3 sets
  • 15 reps

While it looks similar to glute bridges, frog pumps provide more abduction of the hips involved which brings the gluteus medius into the movement much more. If you have a platform you can use to raise your body, it will give you a greater range of motion.

9. Donkey Kick / Fire Hydrant

  • 2-3 sets
  • 10 reps

Lastly is a combination of the dinkey kick and the fire hydrant to work your gluteus maximus and medius – utilising a resistance band can make the exercise even more effective.

Those were the 9 best exercises for a nice butt. If you want to see Posternak’s explanation of each exercise, click on the video below.

VIDEO – 9 Best Exercises For A Nice Butt

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