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CrossFit Games Winner Ben Smith Speaks Out Against ‘Programming Bias’ in Sanctional Events

Former CrossFit Games winner Ben Smith:

“To all these “Sanctional” event coordinators that are qualifying athletes for the CF Games: This seems like common sense?… Don’t have people programming the events for the competition ALSO be the coaches of athletes competing in these events.  What am I missing?

I’m all for this format/changes and think it should work just fine, possibly even better than the last format. But these comps have a responsibility to be un-biased. I love that the events are varied in structure And programming but I see this programming bias potential as an issue that needs to be resolved and should just be common sense. Thoughts? Am I missing something?

(Ps. Don’t say that programming doesn’t matter. It does. And That’s not the point, I’m thinking bigger picture for the “sport” as a whole and just want to start a discussion. Thx.)”

The debate is interesting and many other CrossFit Games athletes have voiced their own opinions on the matter. Check the comments below on his insta post.


What do you think?

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