9 Best Home Chest Exercises with ZERO EQUIPMENT

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Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment

“The chest is one of the largest push muscles in your upper body and when taking a closer look we can divide it into 3 sections that include an upper, middle, and a lower portion. All of which require slightly different exercises to build up and develop.”

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“By developing a nice chest you’ll look stronger, be more confident, and aesthetically pleasing. You should be training your chest in a way that improves the shape, size, and strength regardless of whether you can make it to the gym or not.”

“That’s why I want to go over 9 of the best exercises you can do to develop your chest right at home without the use of any equipment. With that said since we can’t use heavier and heavier weights to progressively overload our in-home workouts, we still do want another path for progression. Otherwise, our bodies will quickly adapt and our results will plateau.

“You can either go with higher reps, or you can use something like a bookbag packed with heavy objects that will weigh you down to make the exercises more challenging. Either way I’ll go over exact sets and reps for each exercise at the end of the video, but right now Let’s start with our first exercise which is going to be the decline push up.

Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Decline Push Up

“The decline push up is a great exercise to help target the upper chest, shoulders, and triceps, and it’s also a little more challenging than regular push ups.”

“To begin you’ll want to use some platform or a piece of furniture that you can put your feet on. A couch, a chair, or even the stairs will all work just fine. Start by standing a few feet in front of the platform, bend down and plant your hands on the ground in line with your shoulders. Then place one foot on the platform at a time until you’re in a decline position with your feet slightly higher than your head.”

“Make sure you squeeze your core, your gluts, and your quads nice and tight, to keep your hips from sinking down, and make sure that you keep the body in a relatively straight line from your heels to the back of your head. Then Bend your elbows and lower your chest to the floor, before pressing your hands into the ground and returning back up into the original starting position with your elbows extended. Then repeat for reps.”

Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Chest Dips

“Next, let’s move on to chest dips. Don’t worry, I know I said no equipment required so I’m going to show you how to do these anywhere. All you’ll need is two similar chairs that are about the same height.”

You CAN.. use one chair to do dips behind your back, but as I’ve said MANY times in the past this exercise is very harmful to your shoulders, so we’re going to take the two chairs and place them side by side, facing away from each other so that you can get in the middle of both of the backrests.”

For added security, you can also place something heavy on each chair to keep them from tipping, although with most chairs this won’t be necessary. Begin the exercise by grabbing one chair in each hand, locking your elbows out, bending your knees, and raising your feet up off the ground so that you’re elevated off the floor.”

“To better target the chest you’ll want to remember to lean your upper body forward as you perform each rep.”

“From that locked out position you’ll want to bend your elbows and slowly lower yourself until you feel a nice stretch in your chest and shoulders. At this bottom portion, your shoulders should be about parallel with your elbows, or a little lower than parallel, and your knees should be pretty close to the floor. Then simply press back up by extending your elbows until you’re back to that original locked out position, and from there repeat for reps.”

Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Plate Push Up

“Another great exercise for the pecs that you can do anywhere in the plate pushup. Now if you have val slides or furniture movers it’s even better, but if you don’t, all you need are two paper plates to perform this exercise and that’s how I’ll be showing it today.”

“To begin, you’re going to place the paper plates on a surface that’ll allow them to slide. Both carpet and hardwood will work, obviously surfaces like rubber and concrete won’t.”

“Place your hands onto the paper plates that should be a little wider than shoulder-width apart. Then get into a push up position and just like before, make sure you brace your core and squeeze your glutes and quads so that your body is in a straight line…

Watch the video below for full instructions.

Video – Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment


1:01 Decline Pushup

1:57 Chest Dips

3:11 Plate Pushup

4:23 Diamond Pushup

5:01 Pylometric Pushup

5:42 Spiderman Pushup

6:27 Pike-Pushup

7:21 Divebomber

8:05 Offset Pushup

Do each set to failure and rest 1 to 2 minutes between them.

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Muscles of the chest

The muscles of the chest are a group of muscles that form the anterior wall of the thoracic cavity. They are located between the first ribs and sternum and help with inspiration, expiration, flexion and rotation of the upper limb and stabilization of shoulder joint.

Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Sternalis

The sternalis is a small muscle of the upper chest that attaches to the clavicle and sternum. When you draw your shoulder blades together, this muscle pulls them forward and down. The pectoralis major muscles include both medial and lateral heads, which are located in front of each other on either side of your chest (the sternalis lies beneath them). This large muscle helps you do push-ups, but it also gives you wide shoulders!

Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Pectoralis Major

The pectoralis major originates along the sternum and ribs. It inserts on the upper six ribs, via its aponeurosis (a sheet of connective tissue). The pectoralis major acts to adduct and medially rotate (to the front) of the humerus—this is called flexion.

Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Pectoralis Minor

The pectoralis minor is a slender muscle located along the medial border of the pectorale major. It originates from three to five ribs and inserts into the coracoid process of the scapula. The pecminor helps to depress and rotate the scapula.

Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment – Serratus Anterior

The serratus anterior originates from the upper eight ribs and inserts on the medial border of the scapula. Its primary function is to elevate, protract and rotate the scapula. It acts as a stabilizer for the shoulder joint.

Conclusion – Best Home Chest Exercises with Zero Equipment

We hope that you now have a better understanding of the different muscles of the chest and their functions.

Use these home chest exercises with zero equipment to maximise your growth and progress, even when you can’t get to the gym.

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