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CrossFit 2021 Quarterfinals: Workouts Released

All workouts for the 2021 CrossFit Quarterfinals have been announced.

Test 1

For total time:

3 rounds of:

  • 10 strict handstand push-ups
  • 10 dumbbell hang power cleans
  • 50 double-unders

Rest 1 min., then:

3 rounds of:

  • 10 kipping handstand push-ups
  • 10 dumbbell shoulder-to-overheads
  • 50 double-unders

♀ 35-lb. dumbbells // ♂ 50-lb. dumbbells

Time cap: 10 min.

Test 2

For time:

  • 60 GHD sit-ups
  • 6 rope climbs, 15 ft.
  • 60 alternating single-leg squats
  • 50 GHD sit-ups
  • 5 rope climbs, 15 ft.
  • 50 alternating single-leg squats
  • 40 GHD sit-ups
  • 4 rope climbs, 15 ft.
  • 40 alternating single-leg squats
  • 30 GHD sit-ups
  • 3 rope climbs, 15 ft.
  • 30 alternating single-leg squats

Time cap: 20 min.

Test 3

For time:

  • 120 wall-ball shots
  • 120-cal. row

♀ 14-lb. ball, 9-ft. target // ♂ 20-lb. ball, 10-ft. target

Time cap: 15 min.

Test 4

For max load:

  • 4-rep-max front squat

Time frame: 20 min.

Test 5

9-6-3 reps for time of:

  • Snatches
  • Burpee box jump-overs

♀ 135 lb., 30 in. // ♂ 185 lb., 30 in.

Time cap: 7 min.


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View all movement standards and full descriptions here.

Quarterfinals Cut-Off Lines

The following number of athletes per continent were invited to compete in the Quarterfinals:

Continent Women – Top 10% Cutline Men – Top 10% Cutline
Africa 302nd place 437th place
Asia 418th place 828th place
Europe 2344th place 3594th place
North America 6594th place 7410th place
Oceania 898th place 997th place
South America 474th place 725th place

The numbers were based on the total number of athletes registered to the 2021 CrossFit Open per continent at the close of workout 21.1.

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CrossFit Quarterfinals

The Quarterfinals are an online competition that will serve as the second stage of the CrossFit Games season and will run from April 8-11.

Quarterfinals will determine the 300 worldwide athletes that will compete in the Semifinals. Athletes around the world will compete over three days and have 24-hour competition windows to perform and to submit their scores for each day.

  • The first two workout results will need to be submitted by Friday, April 9, at 12 p.m. PST
  • Athletes must submit their next two results by Saturday, April 10, at 12 p.m. PST
  • Athletes must submit their final results by the close of competition on Sunday, April 11, at 12 p.m. PST.

Scores for each workout will only be made publish after the close of the submission deadline.

How many athletes will qualify to the CrossFit Semifinals?

Following the Quarterfinals, top athletes in each continent will advance to the in-person Semifinal events.

The following number of athletes will qualify to the next stage:

  • North America: 120 men and 120 women
  • Europe: 60 men and 60 women
  • Oceania: 30 men and 30 women
  • Asia: 30 men and 30 women
  • South America: 30 men and 30 women
  • Africa: 30 men and 30 women

There are a total of 10 Semifinals around the world, two of which were moved online last week.

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Teams in the Quarterfinals

Team Quarterfinals will run April 22-25.

Official team invites for Quarterfinals will be sent via email on Monday, April 12, the same day registration opens. All qualifying teams will be notified when the window opens and provided with additional information at that time.


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