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CrossFit Adaptive Athletes Going to the Games and Winners

The first Fittest on Earth from 2023 has been unveiled.

The CrossFit Open happened a while ago, but only now the leaderboard has been finalised for the adaptive divisions and, with that, we already know some of the newly crowned Fittest on Earth from 2023.

According to the rulebook, CrossFit will continue this year what happened in the previous one: the top athletes from 3 adaptive divisions would go on to compete for the title of Fittest on Earth in Madison at the CrossFit Games, while the remaining divisions would have the Open determining who were the winners.

Although the leaderboard was finalised for the top athletes and contenders, CrossFit has said they are still working to identify ineligible athletes in the adaptive divisions – although those who might be deemed ineligible will not impact the podium finishers and athletes going to the Games.

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CrossFit Adaptive Athletes Going to the Games

The top 5 athletes from divisions upper extremity, lower extremity and multi-extremity will be invited to compete in person in Madison at the CrossFit Games.

Upper Extremity


  1. Casey Acree (USA)
  2. Xabier Osa Mendes (Spain)
  3. Alexis Fiorucci (France)
  4. Breki Þórðarson (Iceland)
  5. Samuel Pera (USA)


  1. Christina Mazzullo (USA)
  2. Anne-Laure Coutenceau (France)
  3. Genieve Tidwell (USA)
  4. Skylar Devault (USA)
  5. Elaine De Rocco (Brazil)

Lower Extremity


  1. Rogan Dean (USA)
  2. Seraphin Perier (France)
  3. Charles Pienaar (USA)
  4. Ole Kristian Antonsen (Norway)
  5. Hildon Carvalho (Brazil)


  1. Bayleigh Hooper (USA)
  2. Amy Bream (USA)
  3. Valerie Cohen (USA)
  4. Molly Moore (USA)
  5. Lauren Farhat (USA)



  1. Chris Rhyme (USA)
  2. Mijail Pedrini (Uruguay)
  3. James Brown (United Kingdom)
  4. Antonio Silvestro (Italy)
  5. Jonathan Carson (USA)


  1. Noelle Henderson (USA)
  2. Jordan Ingalsbe (USA)
  3. Shannon Ogar (USA)
  4. Amea Reyna (USA)
  5. Courtnei Lopez (USA)

Adaptive Athletes Podium Finishers and Fittest on Earth

The following divisions have crowned their respective Fittest on Earth according to the Open leaderboard.



  1. Chris Fair (United Kingdom)
  2. Hunter Tribe (USA)
  3. Rafael Arevalo


  1. Erica James (USA)
  2. Mary Colin (USA)
  3. Sarah Perry (Canada)

Short Stature


1. Mike Witous (USA)

1. Tim Murray (USA)

3. Juan Serrano Torres (Spain)


  1. Erin Popovich (USA)
  2. Irene Wanandi (Poland)
  3. Mariana Kurylo (Ukraine)

Seated With Hip Function


  1. Tom Miazga (USA)
  2. Michael Egan (USA)
  3. Tom Green (United Kingdom)


  1. Amalia Ortuño (Costa Rica)
  2. Ellen Field (United Kingdom)
  3. Shana Coissard (France)

Seated Without Hip Function


  1. Simon Farre (France)
  2. Jedidiah Snelson (USA)
  3. Joshua Young (Australia)


  1. Andrea Wilson (USA)
  2. Rebecca Storm Nagel (South Africa)
  3. Neslie Bernardi (USA)



  1. Lance King (USA)
  2. Ricky Landgraff (Sweden)
  3. Jordan Green (Australia)


  1. Hailey Melakian (USA)
  2. Julia Lane (Canada)
  3. Abby Frantz (USA)

You can check out the official full leaderboard for each of the divisions here.

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