How to Do CrossFit Girl Workout Karen

Tackel this chipper CrossFit workout the right way.

Have you ever tried to finish the CrossFit girl workout Karen? It is a simple, yet grinding WOD that needs to be tackled with some strategy in mind.

The first impression looks simple: it’s just an easy version of the thruster. But doing 150 wallballs as fast as possible with a goal of PRing your best time makes it a bit harder. And sometimes even painful, ending with a “6/9-kilo slam” directly in your face.

In order to know how to keep it efficient, fun and smooth, read further in a how-to article presented together with our partner site

CrossFit Girl Workout Karen:

150 wallballs for time
Weight: 9/6 kg
Target height: 3 m men / 2.7 m women

1. The Squat

Stand approximately 0,5 meter away from the wall with your feet shoulder width apart. Grab the medicine ball, keep your back straight and clean it into the front rack position. Hips needs to reach below the parallel position.

2. Open the hips

Keep your weight on the heels and start standing up: generate the power by driving your hips up.

3. The Throw

Within the momentum of driving and opening hips (up), throw the medicine ball towards the target. Aim to reach the full body extension. Use the force you generate with your glutes and hamstrings to accelerate the throw and to prevent arms from burning out.

CrossFit girl workout Karen

4. Keep support

Hold the ball right in front of your face. Keep it in a support (front rack position) where your arms stay tight and under the ball. You’ll see a lot of competitors using their chins to help supporting/stabilizing it.


5. Accuracy

Keep the movement constant and accurate. Hitting the target high enough to make a rep and receiving the ball in the same distance (from the wall). Stepping back and forth to catch medicine balls is not efficient and throws you out of  consistency.


If you need a bigger training stimuli, incorporate wallballs into Chipper MetCons.

For its grinding nature, the CrossFit girl workout Karen is considered a mental challenge which falls into the category of “chipper workout.” Here is another one if you feel like trying it.

A Chipper workout from an Old Regionals:

For time:
50-calorie row
50 box jump overs, 24/18 in. (60/45 cm)
50 deadlifts, 180/120 lb. (81/54 kg)
50 wall-ball shots, 20/14 lb. (9/6 kg)
50 ring dips
50 wall-ball shots
50 deadlifts
50 box jump overs
50-calorie row

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