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How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast (10 Minutes Science Based Routine)

Fix your imbalances.

This excellent video from Jeremy Ethier will teach you how to fix rounded shoulders fast.

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast

“In this video I’ll show you how to fix rounded shoulder posture, and fix your posture so that your shoulders are more aligned. For instance, do you catch yourself hunched over in the mirror and detest the look of your slumping shoulders?”

“Well, forward rounded shoulders are often developed from sustained periods of slouching and/or the result of an unbalanced training routine. And not only is it aesthetically unappealing, but it can also negatively affect your ability to perform specific exercises in the gym and potentially put you at a higher risk of developing shoulder pain and injuries. In this video, I cover how to fix rounded shoulders posture through a combination of stretches for bad posture correction and posture exercises you can do within 10 minutes for a quick posture fix.”

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast

“Based on the analysis of multiple papers, two primary things contribute to your slumping shoulders. First, overactive muscles that have become tight and are pulling the shoulders into the forward position. The main culprits for this are often the pecs and the upper traps, in combination with a general lack of thoracic mobility. Second, underactive muscles that have become weak and are failing to pull the shoulders back. The main culprits for this are typically the traps (mid and lower) and the serratus anterior. And research shows that these underactive muscles became weak over time partly due to the overactive muscles preventing us from being able to turn on these underactive muscles in the first place.”

Deadlift thoracic mobility How to Fix Rounded Shoulders FastSource: High Intensity Photography

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast

“Therefore, when it comes to how to fix rounded shoulders, we’ll be making use of a two-part routine: stretching of the overactive muscles, then the strengthening of underactive muscles. For the first part of the routine, we’ll concentrate on stretching out your overactive muscles. And we’ll make use of two primary stretches for bad posture correction: thoracic extensions and band over-and-backs. If you don’t have a foam roller, I’ve included links to two I recommend below.”

How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast

“The second part of the posture fix routine involves three posture exercises: the band pull-apart, banded Y-raise, and push-up plus. This step is critical: case studies analyzing rounded shoulder posture have found that this provides significantly better corrective results than the stretching we previously did. But with all these exercises, you must make each rep count. You’ll need to perform each rep slowly, with control, and proper form; only then will you be able to engage the right muscles that you intend to.”

“And keep in mind guys, if you want to correct bad posture for the long-term, you need to not only always be aware of how your posture is throughout the day and correct it accordingly, but you also need to ensure that your training program is structured in a way that prevents these muscle imbalances from occurring.”

Video – How to Fix Rounded Shoulders Fast

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