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How to Grow Your Glutes With Only 2 Exercises

Butt building guide.

Discover how to grow your glutes without having to spend hours in the gym, but rather with only 2 simple exercises.

So, you want to grow your butt, huh? No shame in that. In fact, you should be proud of yourself to aim for this goal as, sadly, many people simply don’t train their glutes regularly. Training the glutes has become taboo, especially for men.

If a person doesn’t train their glutes regularly, they may experience several negative implications, including:

  1. Poor posture: Weak glutes can contribute to poor posture, as they are a crucial muscle group responsible for stabilizing the pelvis and lower back. This can lead to a slouched or hunched posture and potentially cause pain in the lower back, hips, or knees.
  2. Reduced athletic performance: The glutes are responsible for many athletic movements, including jumping, sprinting, and changing direction. If the glutes are weak, this can negatively impact performance in sports or physical activities.
  3. Increased risk of injury: Weak glutes can also increase the risk of injury, particularly in the knees and lower back. Without the necessary stability and support from the glutes, other muscles and joints may have to compensate, leading to overuse injuries and chronic pain.
  4. Limited mobility: The glutes play an essential role in hip extension, which is necessary for everyday movements such as walking, running, and climbing stairs. If the glutes are weak, it can limit the range of motion in the hips and potentially lead to compensatory movements that could cause injury.
  5. Poor aesthetic appearance: Without regular glute training, the muscles in the buttocks may become weak and underdeveloped, leading to a flat or sagging appearance. This can impact overall body composition and potentially lead to decreased self-confidence.

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And if you want to train your glutes, but not waste too much time doing it while still getting good muscle growth in your buttocks, then you have landed on the right page. Here, we use the expertise of Danny Matranga to teach you how to grow your glutes with only 2 exercises.

Danny Matranga is a fitness coach with 10+ years of experience and the creator of Elite Physique and Core Coaching Method. He often contributes to Mind Pump TV, a YouTube channel with more than 700k subscribers that gathers all information surrounding health and wellness with evidence-based fitness advice and debunking fitness myths. The channel was created by four personal trainers: Sal Di Stefano, Adam SchaferJustin Andrews, and Doug Egge.

The Mind Pump team uses their extensive experience in the fitness industry and knowledge of exercise science to provide educational and informative content on topics such as workout programming, nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle habits. They also frequently interview experts in various fields related to health and wellness.

Matranga shared his 2 go-to exercises to fully understand how to grow your glutes. Check it out.

deadlift variations hamstring exercises

How to Grow Your Glutes With 2 Exercises Only

There are a plethora of exercises you can do to fully conceptualise how to grow your glutes. I mean, we wrote an entire special article about how to train your glutes properly from every angle possible and with different exercise categories.

Hell, check out these 50 exercises below that, according to Bret Contreras, the Glute Guy, are the best to develop rounder and stronger glutes. That is a lot to choose from.

But Danny Matranga knows that most people don’t have time or simply don’t want to spend that much time looking for the best exercise for their butt and invest it in the gym. If a quick fix is what you’re looking for, this is how to grow your glute with only 2 exercises according to him.

The two exercises, in his opinion, that elucidate how to grow your glutes are:

  1. Barbell hip thrust
  2. Barbell Romanian deadlift

You can click on the links above or watch the video to understand why these are some of the best ways to strengthen and grow your glutes.

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Strong glutes play a role in lifting and carrying heavy objects, as they work in conjunction with other muscles in the lower body. Well-developed glutes can provide the necessary strength to lift and carry objects with better form and reduced risk of straining other muscles or injuring the lower back.

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