A Proud Moment for British Sport that Every UK Crossfitter Needs to Watch


“I’m not a believer in fate, rather that smart work and ambition have a funny way of making things work.

A year ago, Steve Fawcett came to me with a big goal and asked if I’d be keen to help.

It was, as Kevin Bacon would say, a no-brainer.

Can we qualify an all British team to the CrossFit Games?

It hadn’t been done and was, frankly, an arrogant goal. But in life, there’s a first time for everything.

Strengthening friendships with Ste, Jon, Jak, Ben and Jayne whilst making new friends in Meg and Oaks has been an absolute pleasure. We’ve worked hard and been through a lot as a young team already. I’ve been impressed at the level of dedication, sacrifice and application they’ve shown, whilst staying focused on what’s required in training and competition on any given day.

We came into the Meridian Region with the simple goal to leave no stone unturned and execute our strategy from the time our feet hit Spanish soil until the final rep of competition. I’m proud our performance was good enough to earn first place and the gold medal.

The Crossfit community continues to amaze me and I’m incredibly grateful to be a part of it. Sport also continues to amaze me.

I will always remember Lord Seb Coe’s words at London 2012:

“There is a truth to sport, a purity, a drama, an intensity, a spirit that makes it irresistible to take part in and irresistible to watch. Humans stretched to the limit of their abilities, inspired by what they can achieve, driven by their talent to work harder than they can believe possible, living for the moment but making an indelible mark upon history.”

Unfortunately, our world today is filled with uncertainty, hate and division. But experiences like this weekend restore my faith in people and humanity.

On the surface, six British athletes qualified for the CrossFit Games, but it’s so much more than that. This is a significant step for a small island that has a passion for sport and an ability to unite like no other. I hope future generations were watching and are inspired to carve their own paths in the world.

For me, seeing crowds of red, white and blue cheering together behind the ??brought a little lump to my throat each day.

I’m so proud to be a part of this project and am excited for the next chapter at the CF Games in ??.

To everyone that came out to support, shouted at the telly, sent us messages and said hello on the day, THANK YOU.

We’d love to see you in Madison, we can’t wait to feel the support.

We’ll be preparing from now until the final rep of the CrossFit Games so we can look back and live by some other words from Lord Coe:

‘We did it right.’ ”

Jak Cornthwaite – Regionals, Training and The Future of The British CrossFit Scene

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