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9 Kettlebell Exercises to Build Strength and Conditioning for CrossFit Athletes

Want better mobility, a more powerful engine, increased grip strength and enhanced full body and core strength? Then add kettlebell exercises into your training.

5. Swing

Most people know the kettlebell swing best of all the kettlebell exercises. It is the most popular one, and often the only kettlebell exercise some people know.

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart
  • Have the kettlebell under your body, between your legs
  • Use both hands to hold onto the handlebar, bend you knees to take the kettlebell up, don’t round the back
  • Keep your arms straight, think of them as ropes
  • Use the hip to thrust the kettlebell up
  • The arms are not supposed to lift, just go with the kettlebell
  • Let the weight of the kettlebell bring it back down, but keep tension to stop it between your leg
  • Slightly bend the knees, don’t squat
  • Don’t let the kettlebell touch the floor between reps,
  • When you put it down, the same rule as before, bend your knees, don’t round the back

There are two main types of kettlebell swings. One is called Russian, the other American.

In the Russian version the kettlebell only needs to reach eye level before going back down.

The American version the kettlebell must do overhead, there you need better hip explosion. This one is more popular in CrossFit.

You can also alternate arms if you feel confident enough to let go of the kettlebell in mid air. Be careful if there is something in front of you if you lose the grip.

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