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9 Kettlebell Exercises to Build Strength and Conditioning for CrossFit Athletes

Want better mobility, a more powerful engine, increased grip strength and enhanced full body and core strength? Then add kettlebell exercises into your training.

6. Bottom Ups Press

Normal grip for a kettlebell press, clean, snatch has the kettlebell handle diagonally in the palm and the weight on the outside of the wrist or forearm. Where as this movement forces you to keep the kettlebell bottom up.

  • You must grip it really hard to keep it straight up. That requires more tension in the whole arm as well as much more balance.
  • Keep the kettlebell upside down all the way from your shoulder to an overhead position with locked elbow.
  • Look at the kettlebell at all times.

Because this is way harder then a regular press the weight cannot be that heavy. Because it is an one arm press the core must make up for the unbalance. Try to lift the kettlebell straight up, don’t let the arm get swayed away with the weight.

Kettlebell-exercisesSource: CrossFit Inc

7. Windmill

This movement is rather advanced and requires a lot of mobility.

  • Stand up straight, with kettlebell in one hand overhead
  • Push the hip to the side
  • Try to reach to the floor with the other hand
  • Keep eyes on the kettlebell at all time
  • Straight legs and back

It is possible to have kettlebells in both arm to make it harder.

Notice how the kettlebell rotates with his arm when he is going down.

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