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Mat Fraser Flips Off Dave Castro (Plus Mat’s Epic WOD for You to Try)

Mat Fraser gave Dave Castro the middle finger while doing a workout at the Granite Games.

Even though Mat Fraser has retired from CrossFit competitions, sooner or later the reigning champion and Dave Castro would be in the same room. That happened on the weekend during the Granite Games and Mat Fraser gave Dave Castro the finger during a workout.

Mat Fraser and Dave Castro have always had a tumultuous relationship. You may remember the infamous words from Castro when he said while interacting with followers during a live session on Instagram that Fraser was “slipping”. Fraser went on Joe Rogan’s podcast and addressed the controversy and then CrossFit Games’ director used his personal Instagram to fire back.

This weekend, during the Granite Games, Mat Fraser programmed a workout for 80 participants, Dave Castro was among them. During the workout, Dave asks Mat how far the athlete is in the workout. Fraser smiles, looks back and flips him off. Dave Castro responds with “classic.”

Watch the video of Mat Fraser flipping off Dave Castro below.

Mat Fraser’s Epic Workout at the Granite Games

EMOM in 28 minutes:

  • Bike
  • Skierg
  • 8 D-ball squat clean or 8 D-ball jumping squats followed burpees over box
  • Rest

Push the limits for 40 to 45 second as you will use the last seconds to transition from one piece of equipment to the next one.

Right after completing the 8 D-ball exercises, use the remaining amount of time in the minute to perform burpees over the box. Rest for one full minute before starting the new cycle.

Mat Fraser

“It’s going to be more towards the sprint side. We are not just casually ticking off calories for the whole minute. We will be pushing the pace because we only work for 40 seconds before we move on,” Fraser explains to the crowd.

Mat Fraser also tells people to keep in mind a number of calories they should try to reach in that 40 seconds. “15 calories on the bike. You can knock it down to 12, 10, whatever you’re looking for, but pushing the pace for 40 to 45 seconds.”

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