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BREAKING NEWS – CrossFit Fires Several Members of Media Team Including Top Ranking Individuals

An anonymous source has revealed to us that more members of the CrossFit Media team have been fired, including top members Marston Sawyers and Heber Cannon.

“Rest of the department got fired today. Some have until November 21st and others till December 1st and others were let go today. This is so crazy…Even the Games documentaries guys got fired. The main 2 were fired today.”

Both Marsten Sawyers and Heber Cannon have been fired. They were instrumental in developing and creating the recent ‘Redeemed and The Dominant’ CrossFit Documentary.

“Both were fired today which blew our mind.”

The news send ripples of panic and confusion through the community…

“Yea several people were crying…When the Open comes in February, he’ll hire contractors probably.”

Sevan Matosian, Media Director at CrossFit Inc. and Mariah Moore, Video producer at CF HQ, are still employed together with 20 Media personnel remaining on staff.

This is the second wave of mass firings that have taken place at CrossFit HQ after the 2018 CrossFit Games came to a close earlier this year in Madison.

Mass Firings at CrossFit HQ Signal Huge Changes for The Sport of Fitness




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