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Weightlifting Tips: Build Explosive Strength with the Power Snatch

The power snatch can be used to train speed and force production in both the second and third pull by limiting the amount of time and distance the lifter has available to get under the bar. It can also be used as a lighter snatch variation for training days. The power snatch can also be useful as part of a learning progression for beginners, or as a variation for individuals who are not mobile enough to sit low enough into an overhead squat.

As the power snatch is simpler and less exhausting than a full squat snatch, it gets interesting for Crossfitters when it comes to WODs including Olympic Lifting. By using the power snatch you can hit more reps in less time. Sounds effective. But don’t forget that the power snatch is thought of as an assistance lift for the full snatch, so don’t put your whole effort into this movement and forget to train your squat snatch!


Stand over the barbell with the heels positioned under the bar at hip width or slightly wider than hip wide apart. Squat down and grip the bar with a wide overhand grip. Position your shoulders over the bar with your back arched tightly. Arms are straight with elbows pointed along bar.

power snatch beginners guide to crossfit by crossfit girl snatch liftSource: RX'd Photography
Power snatch set up


  • Pull the bar up off the floor by extending hips and knees. As bar the reaches your knees, the back stays arched and maintains the same angle to the floor as in your starting position.
  • When the barbell passes your knees, dynamically raise your shoulders while keeping the bar as close to the legs as possible.
  • When the bar passes the upper thighs, allow it to come into contact with them.
  • Jump upward and extend your body.
  • Shrug the shoulders and pull the barbell upward with your arms, allowing the elbows to pull up to sides, keeping them over the bar for as long as possible.
  • Throw your body aggressively under the bar.
  • Catch the bar at arm’s length before your knees bend lower than 90°.

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