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Snatch Balance Core and Abs Workouts to Seriously Improve Your Skill and Strength

Strengthen your midline, build speed and perfect your technique with these snatch balance CrossFit workouts.

Snatch Balance Core and Abs Workouts 3 – Snatch Balance

Snatch Balance

  • 2×3 @ 70%
  • 2×3 @ 75%
  • 1×3 @ 80%

For a total of 5 quality sets.

Followed by 3 Rounds for Time:

  • 10 Snatches (95/65lb)
  • 200 meter Sprint

The snatch balance can be done as accessory or strength work and is a great drill to practice if you struggle on the receiving portion of the snatch or lack the speed to get under the bar.

Snatch balance ab and core workouts allow strong and fast athletes to push themselves under loads that exceed their best snatches.

vitamin c deficiencySource: RX'd Photography
Improve your snatch technique.

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