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Snatch Balance Core and Abs Workouts to Seriously Improve Your Skill and Strength

Strengthen your midline, build speed and perfect your technique with these snatch balance CrossFit workouts.

Snatch Balance Core and Abs Workouts – Snatch Balance Pyramid

For Quality:

5×5 Reps of:

  • Snatch Balance
  • Overhead Squat

For Time 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Reps of:

  • Power Snatch (115/85)
  • Lateral Bar Burpees

For the first portion of this workout, focus on your technique more than the load.

The second section is intended as a sprint; your goal should be to finish under nine minutes.

“Receiving the snatch in anything but a vertical and stable torso position will result in a lifter producing excessive lean of the trunk, often leading to missed reps,” Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist Mike Dewar writes.

The snatch balance will reinforce your core and abs strength and stability, as well as give you awareness of the correct bar path in the recovery position of the snatch.

male athlete crossfit training snatch liftSource: RX'd Photography

Workout by Joust CrossFit Ann Arbor.

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