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Stefi Cohen Daily Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss and What She Eats in a Day

Stefi Cohen has talked about a few tips to keep the body in a caloric deficit and showed what she normally eats in a day.

Stefi Cohen is one of the strongest female powerlifters in the world today and an overall badass athlete. She shared some daily nutrition tips for weight loss and showed what she eats in a day.

Stefi Cohen is the co-founder of Hybrid Performance Method, a program that has Mat Fraser as one of the coaches. She also is a 25x world record holder and has a doctorate in physical therapy.

She is very active on her Instagram account showing off her skills, boxing every once in a while, sharing tips on nutrition and exercises.

In one of her latest YouTube videos uploaded, she shared daily nutrition tips for cutting and staying in a caloric deficit. Also, she revealed what she eats in a day.

Watch Stefi Cohen Daily Nutrition Tips for Weight Loss and What She Eats in a Day

Stefi Cohen Daily Nutrition Tips for Cutting

  • Caloric deficit is a must

Stefi Cohen starts the video by explaining the most basic understanding of losing weight: caloric deficit.

To lose weight, you need to spend more energy (calories) than you are consuming.

  • Weigh yourself every day

Reference back to the scale to know if what you’re doing is working. “If not, if the scale is not moving, you have to reduce your calorie intake or increase the amount of exercise that you do in a day,” Stefi Cohen says.

  • Choose a diet that fits your lifestyle and food preferences

It is better to make a diet suit you than the other way around. Maintaining consistency on your diet will get you a long way and it would be easier than simply choosing randomly a diet that will force you to drastically change what you like.

  • What can you do to stay in a calorie deficit?

“Walk more, eat protein with all of your meals, drink enough water, be okay with being hungry,” Stefi Cohen explains. “And change the way that your kitchen is arranged so that you don’t have the temptation or the easiness of reaching out to those things that are likely to tip you off and take you out of being in a calorie deficit.”

What Stefi Cohen Eats in a Day?

  • Breakfast

320 calories – 25 grams of protein, 23 grams of carbs, 14 grams of fat, 3 grams of fibre, 500mg of sodium.

  • Lunch

Burger patties with rice and vegetables

  • Dinner

Shredded chicken with soy sauce, zucchini. “And for carbs, we’re gonna have some sweet potatoes.” She also added a couple of hard-boiled eggs to increase the amount of fat in the meal “because the chicken breast doesn’t have much.”

She consumes between 20-30 per cent of her daily calorie intake in the form of fats for performance and health benefits.

“Usually the dinner I break it down into a three-course meal that I have across the entire night.” At 6pm she has, for example, chicken, eggs, potatoes and eggs. Followed by a thin crusty pizza that does not have much grease in it.

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