The Best 22 Day Ab Workout for a Great Six Pack (No Equipment Needed)

Optimise your abs.

This 22 day ab workout will help you strengthen your core and contribute towards building a great six pack.

It has been designed by Jeff Cavaliere.

The 22 Day Ab Workout

“Are you ready for an ab workout challenge that is suitable for everyone from beginner to advanced?  In this video, I’m going to show you a single ab workout routine that you can do for the next 22 days straight that is going to help to carve up that midsection of yours and give you a jump start on getting your abs to pop year round.  There are just 6 exercises in this ab workout, each one hitting the abs from one of their primary functions.”

No Equipment

“No equipment is required to perform this ab workout routine.  Because of this fact, there are no excuses either.  You will be able to do this workout for your abs in just minutes and you won’t need any elaborate setup to get it done.  It can be done in the comfort of your own home or in the gym if you so choose.”

Best Workout to Hit All Abs Areas Benefits of the Side Plank The 22 Day Ab WorkoutSource: Li Sun on Pexels

22 Days Straight

“The key to this ab workout plan is that you perform it for 22 days straight.  There are two reasons for this time period.  First, it gives you an opportunity to start seeing noticeable changes in your abs particularly if you pair this with a dedicated effort to improve your nutrition.  You will never be able to see your abs if they are covered in fat.  You need to start getting serious about your diet and eating if you want to strip away the fat and show the results of your hard work and effort.”

Build New Habits

“The second reason for doing this for 22 days is to help this become part of your lifestyle.  They say it takes 22 days of doing something for it to become a habit.  We are going to try and create a positive habit here by getting you used to training your abs.  Don’t worry.  The abs are a resilient postural muscle group that is built for high volume and frequent training sessions.”


“The exercises in this ab workout follow a specific sequence.  They start with those that target the lower abs using bottom up movements.  These are where the top of the body from the waist up stays rather stationary while the bottom does the movement.  This can be seen in the heels to the heavens exercise.”

crossfit abs workoutsSource: CrossFit Inc

Bottom Up Rotation

“Next you perform a bottom up rotation movement.  This one is going to be filled by the step through planks.  Here you want to try and keep your upper torso still again while you create rotation from the bottom using your legs to step through and across your body.  You will be able to feel this burn almost from the first few reps.  Keep going until you reach the extinction time as described in the video.”

Midrange Movement

“Move on next to the midrange movement known as the “X” man crunch.  This is a great way to bring both the top to the bottom and the bottom to the top.  Aim for completing the 12 reps that are suggested for extinction on this ab exercise and move onto the final three exercises.  These will hit the obliques, top down movements and top down with rotation.”

Hit the Abs and Obliques from Every Angle

You will see that this is not going to take very long.  The benefit and power of this ab workout is that it is hitting the abs and obliques from every angle and in each of the 6 primary ways of hitting them.

Video – The 22 Day Ab Workout

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Muscles of the Core and Abs

The core is the middle of your body, which includes the muscles that support it. The core is made up of three muscle groups: the rectus abdominis (sometimes called “abs”), the transverse abdominis, and the internal and external obliques. These muscles help keep your spine and pelvis stable during movement so you don’t injure yourself.

The 22 Day Ab Workout – Transverse abdominis

The transverse abdominis is a deep muscle that lies underneath the surface of the abdominal wall. It acts as a girdle and helps to compress the internal organs, stabilizes the spine and assists with breathing.

It’s also referred to as “the corset muscle” because it wraps around your midsection like the old-fashioned garment.

The 22 Day Ab Workout – Rectus abdominis

In the front of your abdomen, you will find the rectus abdominis muscle. This muscle is flat and runs from just below your ribs to your pubic bone. It is also called “the six pack ab.” It does not actually contain six different muscles but rather two bellies (inner and outer) that run in parallel to each other.

The rectus abdominis flexes the trunk forward about 45 degrees when used alone, but when working together with other abdominal muscles can flex it more than 90 degrees by bringing it into play at different points in its range of motion so that one side may reach full flexion before another side begins its contraction cycle.

The rectus abdominis helps protect against injury by providing a strong support system for our internal organs such as our stomach and intestines which can stretch out if they aren’t anchored down well enough by this powerful muscle group.

The 22 Day Ab Workout – Internal oblique

The internal oblique is a deep muscle that runs along the side of your abdomen. It’s one of the two muscles that make up your “six pack,” along with the transversus abdominis.

The internal oblique is part of the superficial core: rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis (transverse abdominal), quadratus lumborum (quadratus lumborum) and external obliques.

The internal obliques lie between external and horizontal laminae in the anterior abdominal wall.

The 22 Day Ab Workout – External oblique

The external oblique is a broad, flat muscle that runs down the side of your abdomen. It is part of the abdominal muscles and helps you bend to the side.

What are core muscles?

Core muscles are those that run through your midsection and support your spine so it can remain stable during physical activity.

These include the internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis (six-pack), transversus abdominis (TVA) and erector spinae (back). The TVA doesn’t have as much definition as other core muscles but plays an important role nonetheless by helping to compress or squeeze inwards while you’re taking deep breaths in order to stabilize your spine during movement.

If you want to target this area specifically with exercises such as crunches or planks then be sure to include them into your workout routine.

Conclusion – The 22 Day Ab Workout

The core muscles are essential to the function of the spine and pelvis. They work together to help you maintain balance, stability and posture while walking or running. The transversus abdominis is involved in moving food through your digestive tract, while the internal oblique muscle is used for lifting objects off the floor. The external oblique muscle helps with side bending movements like reaching over your head with both arms at once.

Use the workout above to strengthen all of these muscles.

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