Why is CrossFit so Expensive?

If you're looking to start CrossFit, one of the first things you'll notice is how expensive a membership is compared to a standard gym. Why is that?

Why is CrossFit so expensive? Why spend over a hundred dollars per month if you can hop to the next gym for only $20? 

The short answer is because you get a lot of value from your membership.

Gyms calculate like this: they estimate that 80% of their members won’t show up. But they still pay.

In CrossFit you can’t do that. About 65-80% of the members come in on a daily basis. You have smaller classes, usually less than 15 people in each. While in a gym (depending on the size) there are dozens of folks working out every hour, especially during peak time.

Here are a few reasons why CrossFit is so expensive:

  • Small classes of about 10 people
  • Individual care
  • Professional coaches
  • Wide range of training possibilities
  • Different kind of classes
  • Workouts are clearly explained
  • Results
  • Unique atmosphere

Small classes:

All for one and one for all. No matter what your current level of fitness is, the workouts will be adjusted to your current ability and you will be encouraged by the whole class, whether you finish first or last.

When you finish you will also push the athletes that are not yet done. There are no egos and no comparisons in the mirror, but only help and joy if someone hits a new personal record.

amrap workoutsSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc taken at Brick Los Angeles

Individual care:

Coaches will give you the attention you deserve, help you scale workouts to match your current fitness level, and walk you through complicated technique.

The coaches know who you are and what you can do.

Professional Coaches

Weightlifting, gymnastics, endurance, mobility, strength. There are many things to learn and odds are you probably haven’t even heard about most of them.

An educated coach will be on your side and lead you all the way. You will not see athletes doing Deadlifts with a rounded back while a gym employee stands next to them and checks their phone.

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Wide Range of Training Possibilities

Half a dozen different kind of squats? Running with a weight vest? Ring Muscle ups and throwing around heavy bars?

All of this could be part of one CrossFit workout and is still its only a fraction of the workout possibilities that you will see and experience with time.

CrossFit workouts are constantly varied and you’re unlikely to perform one more than once – unless it’s a benchmark workout that is.

Beginner Crossfit Athletes rope climbSource: RX'd Photography

Different Kinds of Classes

Many CrossFit boxes around the world offer different classes in parallel to their main CrossFit workout several times a week. These might include:

  • Mobility
  • Yoga
  • Weightlifting
  • Gymnastics

The best thing is: you can sign up to any of them and improve your skills!

Crossfit Partner WODs

Workouts are Clearly Explained

Your coach will help you through every workout to give you the chance to reach the best results. They will also explain the purpose of the WOD, walk the class through a specific warm up and modify movements if necessary. 

Being pushed to your limit will end up in results. You will be faster, stronger, more mobile, fitter. Visible. Just don’t be impatient, things will come to you if you put in the work. 

Unique Atmosphere

Soon you will know most of the members by name. You will train together, sweat together and stand up again together – help and push.

Go out, find friends, be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

coach crossfitSource: RX'd Photography

Now think of the above reasons and compare them to the experience you’d get in a traditional gym. Will you be taught the correct technique in a standard gym? Does anyone care if you get injured? Do you have a training plan?

Compare the price to a local yoga studio and add it to the price of a weightlifting membership, membership for gymnastics, and so on. And then calculate how many hours you spend in the box and what an hour costs on this base. You may be surprised.

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