10 Best Kettlebell Biceps Exercises for Bigger Arms

Hit your biceps at different angles.

Kettlebell exercises can target your muscles in a new way. Check out this list of the 10 best kettlebell biceps exercises you can do right now.

Versatile and multi-functional. Kettlebells are, sadly, ignored by many people that go to the gym. However, you can train nearly every muscle group on your body utilising one or two kettlebells.

Would you like to strengthen your leg power? Try the ultimate kettlebell leg workout. If you are more interested in upper body strength, we have one workout for that too.

You can train your abs or simply add kettlebell flow to your training routine. Honestly, kettlebells are amazing.

Best Kettlebell Biceps Exercises

But you landed here because you want to see the best kettlebell biceps exercises.

To grow your biceps, chances are you will have to do a lot of curls. It can be tricky to use the kettlebell for that purpose, but it is very effective.

Pay attention to the video below to understand how to properly perform these 10 best kettlebell biceps exercises.

Best Kettlebell Biceps Exercises

1. Ballistic Curl

2. Hanging Curl

3. Bicep Curl

4. Hammer Curl

5. Kneeling Preacher Curl

6. Single Arm Cop Hold Curl

7. Single-Arm Bicep Curl

8. Armpit Curl

9. Single-Arm Reverse Curl

10. Hang Clean

“You can throw these exercises into your current kettlebell workout routine. Just choose 1-3 of them and throw them into 2 to 3 of your workout per week. If you do some kind of split, do them on days where you train back or pulling exercises. You can also do a kettlebell arm workout once a week if you really want to hone in on your arms,” the video description writes.

“Overall, there are no rules for when you can do bicep exercises. We just recommend that you do around 16-20 sets that focus on your biceps per week if you want to develop your biceps to a greater degree. As for reps per set, biceps will respond best to reps in the 8-15 rep range. However, some heavier bicep kettlebell exercises like ballistic curls will do well in the 6-8 range too.”

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