Worldwide Quarterfinal Results (Unofficial): Who Advances to Semifinals?

The Individual Quarterfinals are done and dusted, here are the top scores and next steps for the best athletes.

The CrossFit Individual Quarterfinals have come to a close and the preliminary leaderboard is out. Who were the top athletes in each continental region and how many will advance through to Semifinals?

We answer all these questions and more below.

In total, 27,700 athletes qualified for the Individual Quarterfinals around the world, with 12,218 women and 15,482 men given the chance to compete in the second stage of the journey to the CrossFit Games.

Depending on their respective continental division, a small portion of those athletes will advance to CrossFit Semifinals.

How many athletes qualify for Semifinals?

The number of athletes advancing in each region depends on the number of Semifinals taking place where they’re from, with every Semifinal event hosting 30 men and 30 women. According to their Quarterfinal ranking, the following number of athletes advances to CrossFit Semifinals:

RegionWomen advancingMen advancing
North AmericaTop 120Top 120
EuropeTop 60Top 60
OceaniaTop 30Top 30
AsiaTop 30Top 30
South AmericaTop 30Top 30
AfricaTop 30Top 30
2022 crossfit games season individual athletesSource: Image courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

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CrossFit Quarterfinal Results (Unofficial)

All scores are in for the five workouts that comprised the 2022 CrossFit Quarterfinals. As such, we now know how athletes performed around the world.

Athletes worldwide completed the same workouts which means we can compare their scores even if the information isn’t relevant in terms of Semifinal advancement.

Top scores worldwide

1Tia-Clair ToomeyJustin Medeiros
2Gabriela MigałaGuilherme Malheiros
3Kara SaundersJeffrey Adler
4Mallory O’brienChandler Smith
5Alexis RaptisNoah Ohlsen
athletes perform ghd sit-ups at crossfit team quarterfinalsSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Top scores for individual workouts worldwide

Workout 1
  • Emma Lawson (5:16) and Agustin Richelme (6:00)
  • Alexis Raptis (5:20) and Noah Ohlsen (6:02)
  • Marisa Flowers (5:23) and Andre Houdet (6:05)
  • Tia-Clair Toomey (5:28) and Cédric Lapointe (6:08)
  • Danielle Brandon (5:29) and Joshua Al-Chamaa (6:12)
Workout 2
  • Tia-Clair Toomey (6:29) and Victor Hoffer (6:47)
  • Kara Saunders (7:05) and Justin Medeiros (6:56)
  • Claudia Gluck (7:07) and Dakota Ranger (6:58)
  • Lucy Campbell (6:19) and Agustin Richelme (6:59)
  • Feeroozeh Saghafi (6:22) and Hamzeh Tarefi (6:59)
Workout 3
  • Romina Sangiacomo (12:43) and Mauricio Alarcon (12:25)
  • Claire Lebeault (12:52) and Julen Acosta (12:32)
  • Thaysa Falangola (13:09) and Ezequias Oliveira (12:36)
  • Maddalena Oneda (13:40) and Andrea Cellini (12:36)
  • Alexia Bloudeau (13:43) and Jonatan Oliveira (12:40)
Workout 4
  • Danielle Paran (769 lb) and Austin Cahoy (1141 lb)
  • Gabby Mcclelland (767 lb) and Ioannis Papadopoulos (1135 lb)
  • Dani Speegle (763 lb) and Jake Kelbaugh (1135 lb)
  • Kara Saunders (755 lb) and Griffin Roelle (1128 lb)
  • Laura Horvath (750 lb) and Joseph Pervall (1126 lb)
Workout 5
  • Dani Speegle (3:03) and Matt Dlugos (2:19)
  • Ellie Turner (3:03) and Anthony Davis (2:20)
  • Laura Horvath (3:08) and Ioannis Papadopoulos (2:25)
  • Tia-Clair Toomey (3:08) and Guilherme Malheiros (2:29)
  • Freya Moosbrugger (3:13) and Bronislaw Olenkowicz (2:32)
crossfit online semifinal workoutsSource: Courtesy of CrossFit Inc

Top scores per continental region

While athletes worldwide completed the same workouts, ultimately athletes are compared against others in their region, and it is these separate leaderboards that determine Semifinal advancement.

North America

1Mallory O’BrienJustin Medeiros
2Alexis RaptisChandler Smith
3Danielle BrandonJeffrey Adler
4Amanda BarnhartNoah Ohlsen
5Brooke WellsScott Panchik
6Emma LawsonSaxon Panchik
7Kristi Eramo O’ConnellPatrick Vellner
8Olivia KerstetterGriffin Roelle
9Paige SemenzaSamuel Kwant
10Arielle LoewenPhil Toon


1Gabriela MigałaBjörgvin Karl Guðmundsson
2Emma McQuaidWilly Georges
3Jacqueline DahlstrømLazar Đukić
4Sara SigmundsdottirJonne Koski
5Lucy CampbellMoritz Fiebig
6Emma TallAlex Kotoulas
7Matilde GarnesJoshua Al-Chamaa
8Solveig SigurdardottirSam Stewart
9Laura HorvathGuillaume Briant
10Lena RichterFabian Beneito


1Tia-Clair ToomeyRicky Garard
2Kara SaundersJay Crouch
3Ellie TurnerBayley Martin
4Bailey RogersBayden Brown
5Madeline SturtBen Fowler
6Jammie SimmondsJake Standen
7Gemma HauckBrandon Swan
8Marnie SkyesJack Clark
9Elly HutchensMatt McLeod
10Danielle FordJohn Champion


1Seungyeon ChoiRoman Khrennikov
2Shahad BudebsAleksandar Ilin
3Seher KayaHamzeh Tarefi
4Svetlana VeselovaDenis Samsonov
5Dawon JungEren Kim
6Uracha TeerawanitsanAnthony Haynes
7Daria BaryshnickovaMorteza Sedaghat
8Or CohenIakov Filimonov
9Dema ZebdiehVitaliy Stepanov
10Maria AstashovaSeokbeom Kim

South America

1Julia KatoGuilherme Malheiros
2Luiza MarquesAgustin Richelme
3Valentina RangelNicolas Bidarte
4Melina RogriguezKaique Cerveny
5Victoria CamposAnderon Primo
6Alexia WilliamsOmar Martinez
7Thais NunesGustavo Errico
8Jimena DelamerMartin Gonzalez
9Carol CollingLucas Da Rosa
10Constanza CabreraPiero Gorichon


1Michelle MerandJason Smith
2Michelle BasnettRuan Duvanage
3Lee KeyrouzLealan Henry
4Gemma RaderRichard Willboldt
5Dina SwiftDarren Zurnamer
6Christina LivaditakisBilly Pullen
7Leeverne EngelbrechtBrandon Jocobs
8Anneke SpiesRuan Potgieter
9Mary JamiesonHilmar Von Mansberg
10Tanha BoufeeMohamed Elomda

View the full Individual Quarterfinal leaderboard here.

Top athletes who won’t make Semifinals

Bethany Shadburne will miss another CrossFit Games season after injuring her back warming up for the “Other Total”, event 4 of the Quarterfinals. The incredible athlete missed last years’ CrossFit Games after testing positive for covid days before the event was set to start.

Bethany Shadburne performs a heavy front squatSource: Photo courtesy of CrossFit Inc.

Additionally, unless many penalties are assessed and scores change around a bit in the Europe region, it looks like Sam Briggs won’t make a return to the Individual division this year. She currently sits in 67th place, with only 60 athletes advancing through to Europe’s two Semifinals.

The 40-year-old and previous CrossFit Games winner had planned to retire after this season. She is still eligible to compete in the Masters Quarterfinals in two weeks’ time.

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